Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Airbnb to the Rescue!

We decided to get out of town while Jeff paints the main level of our home. He's using oil-based paint on the trim and it's not healthful to stay there—plus, paint fumes do a number on my head and are a trigger for my Cluster Headaches.

The Airbnb we're staying in is just a few blocks from Lake Nokomis, under the approach path to runway 12L at MSP. We've been lucky that the air traffic since we've been here has been departing to the south and southeast which leaves us with only arrivals overhead. They're much lighter on the throttles than departures and not at all an issue—we hear them but they don't get in the way of our conversation. I'm kinda curious to hear how loud departure traffic would sound from inside our well-insulated abode but unless things change soon, I'll never know because we're checking out in the morning and heading for home.

It's been nice having different scenery for my walks. I could get used to this area. We've been enjoying trying some different restaurants and getting a more intimate feel for the area. We'll have a much better appreciation for the neighborhood and its surroundings the next time we pass through.

Things are a mess back at home. Our home's main level is steadily coming together but outside on our streets, it's a whole other story. The curbing that was in need of replacing has been torn out leaving large sections missing, just in time for some heavy rains this afternoon. The plan had been for the new concrete to be poured yesterday but storms have left it too wet for that. Hopefully, it'll be done tomorrow so we can begin the 6-day countdown to being able to use our driveway once again after the concrete cures.

Speaking of storms -- I got soaked on my walk today! I was hoping I'd make it back before the heaviest rain caught up with me but I was too slow. I plopped my butt down in an Adirondack chair outside of Patina, a store on the corner of 50th and Bryant Ave So. I waited out the worst of the storm while watching arrivals for runway 12L at MSP fly directly overhead before I ventured back out into the raindrops to complete the last 2 miles of my walk. I must've looked like a drowned rat when I finished but I had a smile on my face and was feeling good. Here's an animation of my walk.

And some photos from the past few days plus a riding video.

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Sueclaus said...

Blast from the past.....Welstone sign!!