Saturday, September 23, 2017

I've Moved On

I've completed tapering off prednisone and I'm steadily seeing glimpses of my old self. There were a few difficult days last week where I had to force myself to get out of bed but I can tell that my adrenal gland has awoken from its prednisone induced slumber as color slowly returns to my world. I'm still struggling to push hard on my rides but that will come. The headaches have been done for more than a month but I'm reluctant to send my oxygen bottles back for fear that another phase is just around the bend.

I've been absent here for more than a couple weeks. I tried to sit down several times to tap out an update but every time I did it felt like I was forcing it and I never like to approach this hobby of mine with that mindset. And where do I even begin with so much of what's happening in our world with Trump* behind the wheel; threatening to destroy North Korea and its population of 25,000,000 while his evangelical followers cheer him on; his continual comments about crowd size at his rallies -- crowds that are becoming ever smaller despite his assurances otherwise; his continual blatant lies about anything and everything; his disparaging, juvenile Twitter rants and just about anything else he involves himself with. I'll go to my grave shaking my head in disbelief that this guy conned and continues to con as many people as he has.

But conservatives got a United States Supreme Court pick out of the deal in Neil Gorsuch and he's going to give them the firepower they need to finally put a stop to abortions in this country! Keep dreaming. The United States Supreme Court has been controlled by conservatives for nearly 50 years and it was a strong conservative majority that gave us Roe v Wade in the first place, legalizing abortions -- a decision that saw 5 conservatives casting 7 of the votes which made abortion the law of the land. So there is that.

Historians will look back on this period and point to the stranglehold of conservative media upon so many unwitting followers of theirs who were duped into believing the bigoted, hate and fear filled propaganda they were selling while they divided our country in ways I never imagined were possible. I've lost a sister to this madness.

As for me, I've moved on. I'm no longer the pro-birth (disguised as pro-life) guy I once was. I see how Democratic administrations foster an environment that reduces the need for abortions and I see how Democrats are the party much more likely to come alongside mothers in need, giving them the help they're lacking to raise their children which encourages them to keep, rather than abort their babies. That's what being pro-life should be about. It stands it stark contrast to those who are merely pro-birth, like I used to be.

I've been occupying my time with biking and golfing. I've even managed a couple of indoor rides to check out the new updates to Zwift. They've added new routes to the London course and an overhead map view to show you where you're at on either of the 3 courses. I get such a good workout riding indoors.

And speaking of riding -- Rachel and I rode the St Paul Classic a couple weeks ago. A fun time was had by all!

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