Saturday, July 28, 2018

My Rather Short Bucket List

After 32 years, 952-892-6617 and I have parted ways. Technically, when I was first assigned the number it had a 612 area code. For the longest time about the only calls we've been receiving on it have been from telemarketers but the landline was bundled with our cable package and it was simply cheaper to keep it. That's no longer the case. And speaking of area codes, did you know that the area code for Cape Canaveral (where they launch the space missions) is 321 as in 3-2-1 liftoff!?

I really only have one item on my bucket list, and that's to spend a week or two in San Diego riding some of the same roads on my bike that I rode when I was stationed there in the mid to late '70s while in the Navy. I can't imagine what feelings and memories being on those roads again would evoke in me so I need to find out. Honestly, the thought of it gets my heart racing a little.

Sometimes I feel like the years are slipping away much faster than I'm comfortable with and I find myself counting how many years I have remaining where I'll still have my mobility to live the active lifestyle I enjoy. I don't feel old but how will I feel in 15 years and how fast will those 15 years race by?

The boy in me has always been the dominant force in my life. Where some people have an old spirit, I feel like mine is young. Perhaps it's my first go-round on this planet Earth, while others with their older spirits have been here possibly many times before. Yes, I sometimes toy with the idea that reincarnation is a real thing and that some of us are destined to live lives in the next life in the shoes of those we spat on in this life. I would be concerned if I was one of those slamming the door shut in the faces of refugees in this life -- just sayin'. To me, it's no more ridiculous a belief system than any other. I used to think I'd leave this life and find myself standing in the presence of Jesus but I just don't know anymore. And to be honest, the idea of spending eternity singing praises to God does little for me. But then I'm speaking from my human perspective on this beautiful floating planet. Who's to say what's beyond this life and this dimension?

I still believe in a higher power but I'm just not as confident as I once was about what or who that higher power is. As I've said here before, those who claim to be the most loyal followers of God too often give me reason to pause and question it all. I will never stop seeking because that's my nature. Life is a journey and if you're not questioning and changing and learning along the way you're maybe just going through the motions.

I installed a simple device on both of my road bikes to keep the chain from falling off the small inner chainring when I shift the chain from the large ring. It's called a chain catcher and it works great! I dropped my chain 3 times on a 2-hour ride a few weeks ago and I figured there must be a better way. It's nice to now shift with no worries that I'll drop my chain. Here's a link for any of my cycling friends who may be interested in getting one.

The video below is from a ride a few days ago. It's a 9.5 mile (15 km) loop and an old favorite of mine for when I want to work the hills a little, and it's close to home. I don't listen to tunes too often anymore when I ride but this day I was listening to a mix of stuff from David Baerwald (another old favorite of mine) so it seemed fitting to overlay the video with a song of his. Enjoy!

That's all I've got.

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