Monday, October 1, 2018

I Believe Her, Moving On and Charlie Turns 10!

I was sitting with the pups and my laptop this morning in our sunporch when something in my periphery caught my attention. I hadn't seen a hummingbird at our feeders in more than two days so I assumed they'd all begun their 2-week trip south to more hospitable weather. I was wrong. It's October 1st and we've still got at least one hearty soul staying put. I quickly changed out the nectar in their feeders for one last time. I think.

Tammy and I spent all of Thursday watching the testimony of Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She claims he sexually assaulted her 36 years ago and that her claim needs to be heard before he's granted a lifetime appointment to our nation's highest court. It was riveting television but it was also exhausting. I was left with a helpless feeling that Kavanaugh's confirmation is pretty much a sure thing. Democrats simply don't have the votes to stop it, and it's doubtful that the limited FBI investigation that's been allowed to proceed through Friday will yield much. If Kavanaugh could sit up there in front of the country and repeatedly lie about his college days and his actions then, it's no stretch to believe that his good friend and alleged accomplice Mark Judge will follow his lead and do the same during his questioning by the FBI.

I have no doubt that Dr. Ford was truthful in every aspect of her testimony. There was nothing in her demeanor that left me uncertain and nothing in her words that caused me to question her motives. The same can't be said for Judge Kavanaugh. Had Dr. Ford acted the way he did, Republicans would be gloating about what a crackpot she was, dismissing her testimony. Yet, they rally behind this man who displayed a total lack of temperament for the position he seeks while lying repeatedly during his testimony. Remember: One of them asked for an FBI investigation. One did not. One of them took and passed a polygraph test. One did not. Strip away all of the emotion and focus on that.

Too funny!

Tammy and I went to Rochester Friday night to watch Rachel's boyfriend's band play a gig at a local bar. Drew plays rhythm guitar for Francis Jennings and the Seisable Johnsons. They've had a number of shows now but this was only the 2nd one we could attend. I recorded the night for them. My favorite song of theirs is embedded below. It's not often I'll hear a song and instantly like it; "Moving On" is one of those. Clay, their lead guitarist wrote it and sings it.

I had Toby on his longest walk in months (probably since last spring, or maybe even last fall) today with Charlie. We walked 1.4 miles (2.25 km) and he did really well in the cooler air. He was even running in the final quarter mile! He hasn't been at all interested in walking lately so I was happy he joined us and did so well.

And this guy turned 10 years old yesterday! Happy birthday, Charlie!

Speaking of birthdays -- I received a late birthday gift in the mail today from Tammy, and it's perfect!

That's all I've got.

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