Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kindness and the Truth Will Out

I've been watching a Netflix series called The Kindness Diaries. It's a documentary about Leon, a middle-aged man who did well as a broker before turning his back on his life of luxury to travel the world while depending on the kindness of strangers for food, fuel, and a place to stay at night. He has a crew of 3 who follow along (mostly out of sight) to record his encounters along the way. But Leon isn't only taking from others; he's also giving back in some large ways. I've been on the verge of tears several times while watching it. It's excellent!

We had a taste of some awesome spring weather earlier in the week. I was able to get out in the yard on Tuesday and take care of 4 hours of yard work, mostly bagging up piles of leaves that are always late to fall from our oak trees. But the mild weather was just a tease. Wednesday arrived and with it, a major storm that dumped about 8" (20 cm) of brown-tinged heavy snow on what had previously been our snowless ground. The brown tinge was caused by dust from west Texas carried along by the upper winds. The airport in St. Paul recorded a wind gust of 66 mph (100+ kph) during the storm. Our backyard is littered with debris from our river birch trees. Note to self: no more river birch trees.

I finished a stained glass sun-catcher project a few days ago but I'm waiting until tomorrow for the sun to make an appearance before I can properly photograph it for my Instagram and Etsy sites. It's a new design. I enjoy challenging myself to come up with fresh ideas.

Disclaimer: Politics ahead. I write this blog for myself, to be able to look back on my thoughts and our world that was at some point years from now. I do it for me. You're welcome to follow along if you'd like.

This was a particularly concerning week in the world of politics as we watched Trump's* Attorney General William Barr opine during Congressional hearings that he felt the Trump* campaign had been spied on by some deep-state entity and that there may need to be an investigation, all the while admitting that he had no basis whatsoever for spewing such nonsense. But it was red meat for conservative media and their followers and that was his only intent. It's all just so head-shaking and disturbing. And this is the guy we're supposed to trust is going to be an impartial arbiter as to what should be made available from Mueller's report to Congress and the public.

I'm curious to see what's in Mueller's report. I think it's quite likely that there's plenty of evidence of Trump's* campaign conspiring with Russian operatives to attack the Clinton campaign but lacking the ability to subpoena those contacts, there's little to no chance a conviction could be achieved in court. An ethical prosecutor is forbidden from seeking an indictment unless they believe they can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Does it mean that Trump* and his campaign did nothing wrong? No, not at all. But will we ever be allowed to see the evidence and decide for ourselves? It's doubtful.

I worry that when we look back on this time in our history years from now, we won't have reached the proper judgments we should have because of a complicit Republican party that shows no interest in the truth. I see a president who is so thoroughly corrupt and is flouting both our norms and our laws to advance his warped agenda. It's beyond disturbing. I came across this tweet tonight that puts into words so much of what concerns me and should concern us all.

But life goes on and I have to trust that the truth will out.

From Tuesday nights ride with a fun group out of Northfield that I hope to ride more with this year.

That's all I've got.

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