Tuesday, December 10, 2019

40 Years and Whatcha Doing This Afternoon?

I was discharged from the Navy 40 years ago today. How did that much time get away so quickly? I need to make an extended trip to San Diego (where I was stationed for most of my enlistment) and retrace some of my steps from all those years ago—preferably on two wheels. I have so many fond memories of my time spent on my bike in the greater San Diego area. I'm curious what sort of memories and emotions I would experience riding on those same roads again—roads that for the most part have changed little since I last rode them. I need to get more serious about making it happen before another 40 years get away from me. I've already got at least one route mapped out to ride.

Tammy and I spent Thursday celebrating her birthday. We drove up to Excelsior to check out the many shops that line the streets while on the lookout for a few gifts for people on our Christmas list. We found the best cafe tucked away inside a small complex of shops. It alone was worth the 35 minute drive up there.

After our time in Excelsior, we drove over to Stillwater for more of the same. We've done this same loop to Excelsior and Stillwater before on Tammy's birthday. It works well for us. We finished out the night at a wine tasting event. It was a full and enjoyable day.

Tammy and I were driving to Costco last Friday morning to pick up my car after having new tires mounted on it when I got a call from my brother Keith. After some small talk, he asked me what we were doing that afternoon. He'd called to invite us to take part in a small gathering of people at a bar in Northfield where he and Tracee were being married in a few hours. Their wedding was to be a private ceremony at Imminent Brewing but Keith was hoping we could join in the celebration after the wedding.

I hated to tell him that we already had plans. Had our plans been for only Tammy and me we would've canceled them but we were meeting our friends Joanie and Rob at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see Mama Mia. We couldn't back out.

We're so happy for Keith and Tracee. They make such a good couple. We need to make plans to meet up with them and have our own mini celebration together.

And speaking of Mama Mia—what a fun and funny show! We laughed a lot and all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It's playing through the 3rd week in February. It was probably our 4th or 5th show we've seen at CDT and we've never come close to being the least bit disappointed by any of their productions. I'm in awe of the talent on the stage and all it must take to put on a production such as that. The dinners they serve are just so-so but the show more than makes up for it. 👍👍

I'm continuing to add to my Etsy shop as Christmas shopping heats up. I had 4 sales last week. I've tried in the past to come up with a simple design that I can produce relatively quickly (in comparison to some of my other pieces) to offer at a more reasonable price but each time I sit down to come up with such a design I get carried away and it becomes more complex than I'd intended. I finally succeeded. This is a design that I can knock out in a reasonable amount of time and sell for a more affordable price. I made 5 of them in the last few days.

Tammy and I were going to skip setting up our Christmas tree this year but Sunday morning she had a change of heart and asked if I wouldn't mind getting it down out of the loft in our garage and setting it up. I was happy to. We've both moved away from showy Chrismas decorations inside and outside of our home but not so much that we don't still enjoy the look of our tree glowing in the corner of our sunporch.

That's all I've got.

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