Friday, April 3, 2020

Giving Thanks

We're doing our best to shelter-in-place here in Minnesota in our collective effort to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 pandemic. Essential services are still operating but most likely with reduced hours, that includes liquor stores. Plexiglass shields are showing up at grocery store checkout aisles and elsewhere to protect workers from customers who may be infected. Markers on the floor provide recommended spacing for customers waiting in line both inside and out.

My heart goes out to the millions who have been laid off from work and have no income, especially those who were barely scratching out a living to begin with. Many retirees are also hurting as their 401Ks have taken a huge hit over the past six weeks with significant losses in the stock market. The market was due for a correction but I don't think many were imagining one such as this.

I'm so impressed by those who continue to show up for work each day to keep the basic infrastructures and various other services of our communities intact. Where would we be without them? I hate to even imagine. I'm sure to always tell the person ringing up my purchases at the grocery store (or wherever) that I'm appreciative of them being there, especially during this time. How nice it would be if when this is all over and we've had some time to reflect, that we'd come to realize the important role these people play in our lives and pay them an amount that shows our appreciation and how much they're valued by us—how we're so dependent on them. We've not done that to this point.

And healthcare workers: I can't fully appreciate all they're sacrificing for us during this time—none of us truly can unless we're in their shoes. I found this Tweet from a 74-year-old doctor from two days ago to be sobering. He's risking it all to be there for others. There are tens of thousands of healthcare workers in New York alone who have answered the call to help with the crisis. These people are nothing less than heroes.

The Trump administration is failing badly as they continue to show no ability or desire to lead us through this crisis. Daily briefings for the country have turned into mini Trump rallies. People are losing jobs, losing loved ones and losing their lives while Trump stands before the nation and brags about being #1 on Facebook. Unfucking believable! But like everything else the man says, it's not true. Thankfully, some mainstream media sites have stopped covering the daily rallies (disguised as press briefings) and will only break in when there's actually information of substance worthy of coverage. I have little desire to comment any further on the imbecile in the White House. Not tonight.

I thought I had put my bikes away (for purposes of outdoor riding) for the foreseeable future last week while the pandemic plays out, worried about crashing and ending up in the ER. Some friends convinced me that I needn't do that. I reminded them that I'm the guy who actually fell asleep while riding my bike a few years ago. (Truth be told—I was on a heavy dose of prednisone at the time and sleeping very little at night.) I don't think they heard me. Anyway, I'm going to continue to ride outdoors but I won't be riding as hard as I maybe otherwise would and all of my rides will be solo. I'll be on my bike. That's all that matters.

Speaking of rides, below are my two most recent ride videos—the first one from last week and the 2nd one from yesterday.

Stay safe, my friends.

That's all I've got.

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