Thursday, December 11, 2003

I Am Sooo Tired

But that's okay because I've gotten so much done on my website. I've been at work all night and rather than try and catch some sleep on my break time I stayed awake and went through the pages inserting the new menu. I'm not using a css template so I'm doing each one individually. I'm into the site too deep now to back out but the next one I make will be done quite a bit differently. Anyway, I've got this site about how I want it for uploading more photos to it. It was cluttered with nav buttons until the new menu. It's not totally how I'd like it but it's much better than it was. I've still got a couple dozen pages to modify.

I got an email back from Carol Conti at ASGLA They liked the photos of the Laburnum lamp and wanted more information about its base. I think the shade photographed very well but I wasn't happy with the base and cap. They seemed pleased with the results.

I noticed last week that the Google search bots have finally indexed my Navy pages from the site. That's very cool because when I put the site together I placed several friends names within the html code. So...if they or a friend happens to run a search on their name they'll quite likely get directed to my site and the photos of themselves from 25 years ago. The message board is also there if they want to leave a message. This could be fun.

It's my weekend...just getting ready to pack up and head home. I need to sleep for a day and maybe more but I can't because I've got stuff I have to do. Such is my life but I'm not complaining...just kinda tired.

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