Friday, December 19, 2003

I'm Back

Thanks be to God that my headaches are over...for the most part. I went to bed last night believing I'd make it through the night without being awoken by a stabbing pain in my left eye...and I did. I had a couple of much smaller cluster h/a during the day but nothing like I'd been experiencing.

It's time to get back on my bike and get some miles into my legs so I'm ready to hit the roads as soon as they're ready. I was even thinking today about putting my running on hold for a year so I can really focus on my bike. I'd like to ride 6000 road miles this year and if I'm trying to run also it's going to make it difficult. I won't run and ride on the same day. I used to but not anymore. Anyway, I'm excited to be on the mend again and looking forward to getting on my new wheels, too—my Mavic Ksyriums. I even had my bike into the shop a couple weeks ago to have the headset and bottom bracket overhauled as well as the usual stuff they do in a tune-up. I'm ready to go with the exception of some new skins. Who would'a thunk that when I last rode my bike the second week in October that I'd be off it for over two months.

Tammy is up giving Toby and Allie a bath. She gave them haircuts last week and we had to laugh a bit at the results. She did a good job but we both agreed that she would only get better at it. :)

Mark called me tonight to help him pick up a new piano from Schmidt Music and move it home. I'm glad I don't do that for a living cause I'd starve. I think I strained my knees a bit but I still plan to ride tomorrow...this is my priority tomorrow! To ride!

I'm listening to City on a Hill, It's Christmas Time. It's a compilation from several Christian groups...Jars of Clay, Third Day, Sara Groves, Caedmon's Call and some others. Really nice. Here's a song titled, It's Christmas Time.

My friend at work got his hand stuck in his snowblower blade last night and lost his index finger as well as mangling three other fingers on his left hand, and he's left-handed. He's expected to be out of work for three weeks. I called him today to see how he's doing. He was trying to remove some heavy, wet snow from the auger but had failed to shut the power off to the auger. I told him things could have been much worse and he agreed. He feels blessed to have gotten away with what little damage he did. In a situation like that, it's not uncommon for a person's whole arm to be ripped off.

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