Friday, December 5, 2003

Tammy's Birthday

It's just turning past midnight as I write this and it's Now Tammy's birthday. We celebrated it with Rachel tonight because her dad is picking her up after school tomorrow and there won't be time then. I had hoped to secretly bake her a cake but there just wasn't a chance for me to do it without her knowing. Mom was going to do it for me but I figured it wasn't such a big deal if she knew what I was up to so I let her know that I was about do something I don't typically do much of...cook. Actually, it turned out very well...German of her favorites...and I made it a two layered cake. No simple single layer for my gal. All my surprises were found out about before their time as I'd set flowers out on the table for her tonight after she went to bed but she had to get up again and found them. That's okay because she went to sleep with a smile.

I'm very happy with the slides I took of my Laburnum lamp the other day. These are the best I've done and I'll be sending a couple off to the calendar people tomorrow. I'm hoping they can give me some feedback so I can re-shoot them if they think I need to.

Well, it's official...we had Toby and Allie to the vet today and it was determined that Toby is overweight! Allie weighs 6.2 lbs while Toby is 8.3. I wasn't surprised and now we'll have to work to keep him out of her food bowl. I'm sure hoping they'll both enjoy walking as Snickers did. I used to love our walks together. Everyday we'd go out for at least 45 minutes and sometimes over an hour. She looked forward to that time together so much and I enjoyed giving her that happiness. She would give me that look which said it was time for our walk. Sometimes she'd lead me over to the door in an excited way to let me know. When she was younger I used to hang her leash on a hook and she'd nudge it with her nose to let me know what she wanted. I'd really rather not write about her just yet because it's getting late and when I do talk about her I want to do it right. I think of you every day little one and forever will.

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