Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Pressing On

I took yesterday off to spend time with Bryan He came over in the morning and we spent a couple hours trying to photograph my Laburnum lamp with his digital camera. They didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I told him I'd drag them into Photoshop to see if I could improve on them but I'm not very hopeful. After messing with the photographing we went over to Claudia and Ron's and visited with them and Tim. We spent a couple hours and had a nice visit. Bryan was going to get a photo of Ron but when I said I'd like to include it on the website Ron said 'no'. Whatever.

I had a Cluster h/a come on while we were there but I went into the bathroom and took and Imitrex and was able to knock it out after 20 minutes or so. I'm hoping I'm nearly done with them for this cycle...maybe another 7 to 10 days.

This is another photo of Bryan's which I like very much.

I said goodbye to Bryan and he headed over to Mom's for dinner and the night. I went back down in the shop and shot what was left in my camera and a roll of Kodak Professional slide film on the Laburnam lamp. I'd gotten the ASGLA (Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists) newsletter in the mail the other day and it said that entries for the 2005 calendar need to be in by Feb 1st. I've shot several rolls of film on my lamps trying to get the color right but it's very difficult to have everything come together. I'll pick up the slides and prints today and see if I'm anywhere close to having something to submit.

I've been playing around with the Where's George website for a few months. You make a marking on a bill which prompts people to enter the bill's serial number into the website. For each time it's entered, it's tracked and the initiator receives a message telling them where the bill was entered back into the system. Anyway, I marked 11 one dollar bills with the Where's George tracking info and put them in an envelope and then left them on the front seat of Bryan's truck on my way to work this morning. I put a note on the envelope telling him it was to be used as coffee money on his way home and not to spend them all in one place and not to spend them anywhere near here.

I did poke my head in when I stopped by Mom's this morning to say hello and goodbye to Bryan. He got on the road by 5:45am and last I'd heard, he was just outside of Sioux Falls, SD around 10:00am. He's taking I-90 west toward Rapid City and then northwestward from there towards Portland. I think he had a nice visit.

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