Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Trip to the Dog Park

Toby is pretty good about letting me know when he's ready to get up in the morning. Usually it involves laying his head or his entire body on my head which makes it difficult to continue sleeping. I'm usually glad for the wake-up as I don't like to sleep my mornings away.

With Toby's help this morning I got up to beautiful sunshine and more snow melting in the forecast. I've never been more glad to see winter turn to spring.

I scarfed down a bowl of Trix then headed off to the dog park with the pups. (Yes, junk food, I know. I do have a theory about junk food but I'll save that for another time.) This was our first trip to the park this year. I probably should have waited a couple more weeks as it's still too wet and muddy. Toby and Allie didn't seem to mind. I meant to bring a towel with me just in case they got dirty so they wouldn't get the seats in the truck soiled. I forgot the towel so I had to drive with them both in my lap making me a filthy mess by the time we got home.

I had no other choice but to give them both baths in the laundry tub. Allie isn't too fond of getting a bath so I got her done first. Toby on the other hand loves a bath and all the while I was bathing Allie he was jumping up wanting to get into the laundry tub with her. He loves to sit there and let the water run over him. Allie, on the other hand doesn't mind having her nails clipped. Toby gets alligator arms and makes it a difficult task.

Speaking of getting dirty and's the computer screen you're looking at? Could you use some help cleaning it? Click here.

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