Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Quite There, Riding and 3D Imagery

Rachel had her road test this morning at 8:30. The same time I was due in the dentist chair for a check-up. I was thinking about her as I was having my teeth cleaned and wondering how she was doing. I got out to my truck at 9:15 and gave Tammy a quick call to see how she did. Not so good. I thought that maybe she was joking with me and that she actually passed it but she really did fail. She messed up on a couple of unmarked roads which she should have treated as two lanes on each side but she didn't.

Rachel was disappointed but she took it in stride. She and Tammy are going up to Babbitt next Tuesday for a couple days and Rachel will drive there and back; 250 miles each way. That should be good practice for her. I've got her scheduled for another road test on April 1st.

I took advantage of some warmer temps and spent a good part of the afternoon on my bike. I did a route I really grew to like last year for the beautiful countryside and rolling hills. It was windy though with the winds steady at 15-20 from the west. Notice the flag at the Shakopee Perkins.

My shifting began to hesitate quite a lot with 30 miles to go. That usually means my shifter cable is about to fail although it could just have been accumulated crud. I used it conservatively the rest of the ride as I had a couple steep climbs in front of me. When the cable breaks the chain slips down to the smallest and hardest gear to turn. I went out and got some replacements. I gave my bike a bath and have it on my bike stand downstairs where I intend to break it down tonight and re-lube it. I've taken it through a lot of muck the last few rides.

3D photo fun time. You don't need funny glasses to get this to work but you do need the ability to cross your eyes just a bit. I shot these photos at the Holiday station in Jordan today. Here's how you do it. The photo on the right opens up to 1100px wide after you click on it. Stare at it and slightly cross your eyes until a third image between the other two images appears. Cross your eyes a little more and notice that the third image will begin to move in the direction of one of the other photos. Keep working it until it overlays either the left or right photo. Once this happens it should lock into place and create a composite photo which will be a 3D image. When you're able to see the image in 3D look at the left brake/shifter and see how it stands forward from the rest of the bike. Look at the front wheel and notice the 3D effect from the brick wall behind it.

Maybe it's just me but I find the 3D stuff to be kinda cool. Here's a link to my Flickr account and some other 3D photos I've taken. When you get there you'll need to click on the 'All Sizes' tab just above the photo and use the 'large' size to give you enough to work with. It defaults to the 500px size but that's not enough to see any detail and detail is what you want in 3D.

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