Sunday, January 20, 2013

Funnin' in the Snow,

My countdown to retirement widget is registering 346 days remaining in my career but it's quite likely that I'll be adding another year onto that and shooting for a January 2015 date instead. It just makes good economic sense for us. We've got a couple of home improvement projects that I'd really like to accomplish before packing it in: a screen-porch and deck off the back of our home and new windows throughout the house. Did I mention that my truck is 12 years old? Oh, and there used to be a young woman who lived with us that I vaguely recall feeling a sense of obligation toward but I'm not sure what's become of her.

Anyway, I think another year on the boards can go a long way toward making good on those wants. We'll see.

We went out with friends yesterday afternoon and ventured into Minneapolis to tour the American Swedish Institute. (But before we left we made up some killer cups of coffee for the road. We're really enjoying our Keurig coffee maker!) I think I was expecting something a little more modern from the institute but still it was interesting. It was fun just hanging out and taking it all in.

Photos from the tour.

I wrote here back in August about being disappointed that I didn't make a purchase at the Minnesota State Fair when I spied something I really liked only to go back a few days later and find that the vendor was all sold out. After months of email-tag with the seller from their home in Texas my much sought after sheet-metal dragonfly art finally arrived this week in a rather large box on our front step with an equally large price tag for shipping that I wasn't anticipating...$116! Yikes!

Oh well, I'm happy to have it hanging in our garage keeping away any sheet-metal mosquitoes that might happen by.

I've been processing lots of video with my MacBook Pro now that I'm back on my bike and using my GoPro camera on my rides. The video files from the camera get quite large so I purchased a 2 TB external hard-drive to store them. I had to laugh because I asked Tammy to guess how big the hard-drive was that I had on order. She guessed 10 GB. Haha...that was the size of my first desktop's hard-drive back in 1999. She's happy to depend on me for all of our computer related needs and decisions.

I had a blast outdoors on my Mukluk on Friday. The temp was in the upper 30s with some sun and not much wind. Winter riding doesn't get much better. I left home intending to check out some gravel roads southwest between Lakeville and Prior Lake but opted for a couple of lakes not far from home instead. They had about an inch of snow covering them making for ideal conditions to play around in. And so I did! I hadn't had that much fun on a bike in a while. I was so overdue!

Being on the lakes was a lot of fun. No worries about flatting or traffic. Just ride.

As I exited Orchard Lake there were a couple of guys offloading a snowmobile who were eyeing my bike. The bike simply gets a lot of looks. We chatted just a bit and I told them that although I'm 55 years old, while I'm on this bike I'm only all of 15. They laughed.

I think I'll stick with my indoor training over the next day or two as we're looking at a high-temperature tomorrow of only -7. I see no reason to put up with that when I've got my CompuTrainer. Besides, my CompuTrainer thoroughly punishes me and often times I like to be punished! It's a cyclist thing.

Come ride with me...

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