Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm Part of a System I Am

US intelligence under Clinton was drastically cut. If the intelligence Bush used was bad you can look to Clinton to own a good deal of the blame for that. His administration was more concerned with prosecuting Bill Gates than they were the threats which really mattered to our country. It was also the Clinton administration which made regime change in Iraq a goal. Bush followed through and made that happen and he did it with the best intelligence information he had to work with.

If you disagree with our invasion (I prefer to call it a liberation) of Iraq for the purposes of regime change, is it also wrong that we had sanctions against Iraq? The sanctions only hurt the little people. Was it wrong for us to put any restrictions on Saddam at all? Did you ever believe there were WMD in Iraq and that more were being assembled? What happened to them? Everyone who was anyone in Washington was saying that Saddam had them and they needed to be taken out of his hands. Would it have been smarter for Bush to ignore the cries of Democrats that there were WMD and instead hope that there really weren’t any and if there were that they wouldn’t be used against us or his neighbors? I have a hunch that if Bush was to have ignored the claims of WMD and they were actually used, he never would have heard the end of it from the Democrats. Do you agree? Don’t forget, the onus was on Saddam Hussein to prove that the WMD were destroyed and he never did that. Lacking that proof, Bush would have been a fool to hope there were no WMD. I really never had much faith in the inspectors…did you? Oh sure, there were no WMD in the end but if there were do you really think the inspectors would have found them? Remember…the onus was on Hussein and not us.

I’m curious to know why bin Laden was considered a threat to us but Hussein wasn’t? Hussein was some toothless bogeyman while bin Laden was the real deal. Maybe someone on the left here can help me to know what to look for in a guy so I’ll know when we need to take the next threat seriously.

I realize that a minority of our oil even comes from the region but one thing that is important to me is that we apparently have a limited amount of oil and not a lot of emphasis being put on alternative fuels. It’s not hard for me to imagine a time when the oil in Iraq becomes a vital source of energy for not only us but for the world. I think that having the control of the oil in Iraq in the hands of someone a bit more stable than Hussein or his sons is a good thing. And no, we’re not taking anybody’s oil. Last time I checked we’re paying dearly for it.

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