Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lotsa Riding

I've had 3 of the last 5 weeks off from work. It's been nice to be away. Tammy and Rachel were at the Sonshine Music Festival in Willmar, Mn for 3 days last week. I stayed home with the pups and spent some extra time on my bike. I managed to put in over 500 miles last week. I'm on track for 6000 miles by my birthday in late August—that's sort of been my goal—same as last year.

I found a wallet on my ride yesterday. I was flying along country rd 46 at about 33 mph when I saw it laying on the shoulder. As I drove by it I could see a driver's license. I put the brakes on and circled back for it and put it in my jersey pocket to check it out when I got home. I had no idea what it contained other than the driver's license. It was loaded with cash—$286 worth as well as a credit card and some other IDs. I'm surprised nobody else had stopped to pick it up as the area was very busy with traffic. It had been run over several times. Tammy gave the owner a call and drove out to meet them with it. They were very grateful to have it back. The wife of the man who lost it said she had been praying all day for its return. He'd lost it the day before but couldn't imagine how it got to where I found it. He tried to give Tammy a reward but she refused. I'm just so happy that God let me find it.

It was an interesting ride for me. I also found the tiniest little sparrow along Blackdog road down by the Minnesota River. It had fallen out of its nest and was standing in the road. He was smaller than a walnut and could flap his little wings but I think he was still at least one week from being able to fly. I noticed that one of his siblings was flattened next to him. It could be that they were knocked from their nest during the previous night's storm. Anyway, it wasn't practical for me to try and get him home so I set him in the woods and said a prayer for the little guy.

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