Tuesday, November 29, 2005

50+ Degrees, Trail of Terror and Christmas

Just when I think I've seen the last of the 50 degree days for the year, or even 40 degree days, another one happens. I got up yesterday thinking that maybe it was time to set up my indoor trainer for my bike but I didn't want to. I never before disliked the thought of riding in the basement on my trainer but this year I do. If there is any chance that I can ride outside that's where I'll be. I figure I'm okay to about 10 above zero for an hour anyway before my toes go completely numb. I was out for a couple hours Thanksgiving day in 18 degree weather with winds gusting close to 30 mph. Yesterday it was rain which had me sidelined but only until about 10:00 am. There was a break in the rain and I got in a quick ride before I had to go to work.

Turning off Jalisco on to 170th st I noticed the car in front of me slowing. He'd slowed to watch a beautiful majestic buck standing beside the road. At first glance I thought it wasn't real. I quickly pulled over and took out my camera but not before the deer ran from us and stopped to look back from between the houses. I wish I could've been 5 seconds quicker with my camera.

The roads looked like the roads you see in the movies or car commercials...they were wet with a blue sky. Not something you commonly see unless you're watching TV. So why do they do that in the movies and commercials...make the roads wet? I think it's supposed to give the scene a tranquil affect...sort of like the calm after a storm...I dunno.

I headed south on Cedar ave which is my usual way out of town when the winds are blowing from the south. I continued south for 10 miles and headed east on 235th st...the same way I used to take to get to my parent's home in Farmington over 20 years ago. This road was dirt then but it's a nicely paved road now with very little traffic. Just up on the right across from the house was where you'd take a right turn on to Essex to go to their home.

I had to make a short ride of it and hurry home so I could have time to spray the mud off my bike and get a shower before work. Sorry Toby and Allie...no time for licking the sweat off me today...I've gotta run.

I got to work and while on break I plugged an external hard drive into my computer which I hadn't checked in a while. I'd sort of forgotten what was on it. I knew there were some photos and a few shows I'd taped from A&E but I'd forgotten about the 4gb of video from our vacation two years ago in Orlando. I spent some time sifting through it and had to laugh at our adventures through the Trail of Terror at Universal Studios. This is like no other spook show you've ever been to. The park is full of people in full costume who do their best to keep you on your toes. We debated about going as we knew it would be toward the limits of what Rachel would be comfortable with. In the end she wanted to go but she stuck close by us as you can see in this video...Wmv or YouTube

At one point we went into a house of horrors which Rachel opted out of and it's probably a good thing that she did. Tammy took it like a trooper as it's obvious that the women are the focus of the spook's attention.

I came home last night to Rachel playing Christmas songs on her violin. She's playing at her grandparent's church in Babbitt in a few weeks. I think the plan is for her to play for 15 minutes before the service as people are taking their seats. She's reading music very well now and can take the song book and play any of the music from it. Sometimes it takes a few times before she gets a feel for it but I thought it sounded great.

Our Christmas decorations go up today...Department 56 villages and all. Has your home been taken over yet?

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