Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Great Show!

We saw the David Crowder Band along with The Robbie Seay Band and Shane and Shane last night at Maranatha Hall at Northwestern University. Great show! For anybody who is into rock they're missing so much great music if they haven't heard Christian's really that good.

It was an ugly weather day here with snow in the forecast and winds gusting to 40mph. We left early so we were sure to get there in time as we had to go through Minneapolis during rush hour and we had all of 40 miles to travel. Surprisingly the traffic wasn't a problem at all and we got there with plenty of time to spare. We checked out the T-shirts and other stuff being sold then took our seats.

The Robbie Seay Band took the stage first and did about a 30 minute set. They didn't get the applause I'd like to have seen them get. We thought they were very good and only disappointed that they didn't play longer.

Shane and Shane took the stage next and got quite a loud and warm welcome from the crowd. They obviously knew something we didn't as we weren't familiar with their music at all. Their's is an acoustic sound with some rich harmonies. They played a song toward the end of their show which totally blew me away. I can't remember the name of it but it left me in awe. After they were done playing I walked out front to where the T-shirts and CDs were being sold and bought 3 of their Cds. I can't find the song on them so maybe there's another CD I'll need to find.

The David Crowder Band took the stage and right away they made sure to not disappoint me by playing my favorite song from them...Do Not Move. What a great's quickly become my favorite tune to ride to on my bike. They put on a very fun and at times moving show. Their songs were every bit as powerful live. David Crowder mentioned that all three bands on the stage that night were made up of friends from Texas who go back many years. The Robbie Seay Band and David's band attend the same church in Waco. David mentioned that they were all hit hard a few weeks ago when one of the ministers from their church was while preparing for a baptism when he came in contact with a microphone while standing in water. I remembered hearing about that when it happened. The tour continued and he spoke about how his Pastor's death wasn't an end at all but a beginning.

Toward the end of the show they were playing some bluegrass music and had the crowd on their feet. I looked behind me to see a guy dancing in the isle with a woman on his arm doing a sort of ho-down-spin-yer-partner move. He looked at me and put out his arm for me to dance with him. How could I say no? I did a couple spins with him and then he saw Rachel and said...'Hey, I know you!' Rachel's eyes lit up when she recognized that it was Dan, her favorite counselor from Bible camp this past summer. She got out of her seat and danced with him too. She later told me that seeing him there was a 'God thing'. I'd say she was right. She had a very good time. I asked her later how it compared to the Backstreet Boys concert I took her to for her birthday. She thought tonight's show was much better. These are fun times we're sharing together.

We got home a bit late for a school night...11:15. I told Rachel I'd take her to school in the morning if she'd like to skip the bus and sleep in a little later but she said she really wanted to take the bus so she could tell her friends that she saw Dan at the show. I got up in the morning before she left and I was singing a tune from the night before. She smiled at me and said she was doing the same thing.

Tammy and I spent a few hours down in the shop today officially marking the start of Grapevine Art Glass...well, sort of. We're working on a project for a guy who works out of Keith's shop. He wants 5 crosses as gifts for relatives. I've done 2 or 3 for him in the past. These are pretty detailed multi colored stained glass crosses. We're thinking of making some more and putting them on ebay to see what happens.

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