Thursday, January 4, 2007

Life Goes On...For Us

I came into work last Sunday afternoon to learn that a fellow controller who retired last year died of a heart attack on Thursday. It really caused me to pause. Scott Clark was such a nice guy. He was 50. I wasn't a close friend of Scott's but we spent many hours in the break room laughing and passing along whatever gossip there was. On my way out of the control room tonight I noticed his obituary on the supe's desk. I had no idea he was a semi-pro tennis player or that he was invited to try out for the junior Olympic ski team in the '70s. He was also a fine controller in addition to being one of the good guys. It was nice knowing you, Scott. Another friend at work had his last day today—Dave Proehl. I hope he's able to enjoy his retirement for many years to come.

I'm working my last all night shift and will begin my new schedule next week. I used to enjoy finishing out my week on this shift but my body has been rebelling the past few months. I needed a change so I'll give the new schedule a try for the next year and see how it goes. I can always go back to what I used to work if this isn't what I hoped it would be.

Tammy and I are a bit behind the rest of you who watch, 24, but we're intent on catching up. We're into the 9th hour of season 1 and so far we're enjoying the ride. I'm terrible at figuring out what's going to happen next while she's always a few steps ahead. I really think she could write this stuff as she always knows what's going to happen, so much so that I have to tell her not to tell me what she's thinking 'cause she'll give it away.

Tammy and Rachel got me a Homer Simpson Chia Pet for Christmas. It's just now beginning to sprout. Each Christmas Tammy and Rachel give me something Simpsons and this year was no different. I can't say that I've always wanted one but now that I have it I'll make the best of it. I've been making certain to water it twice daily so the little sprouts grow to a full head of hair. It should be interesting to see what Homer looks like with hair. I'll post follow up photos.

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