Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vega4 and Pups Not Feeling Well

Tammy and I were back at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis last Monday night to see Augustana. It was also a chance for me to get to meet one of her coworkers...Job. Job is from Kenya and going to school here. We met at Hard Rock Cafe for a drink before taking our place in line outside the Fine Line in 14 degree cold. Thankfully Tammy brought along a pocket full of hand warmers to help take the edge off the chill. She's usually got several packs with her whenever we're downtown and the temps are low...she gives them to panhandlers. She's been known to take those who approach her inside a McDonald's or something similar and buy them a meal rather than fueling an alcohol or drug addiction. As we stood in line Job talked to us about politics in Kenya and how his country is on the verge of major change. The old guard has become old and lacks vision and is about to be voted out in December's election. He's piqued my interest in politics other than our own.

The doors opened at eight and we made our way upstairs where we had reserved seats which came with the dinner package. Tammy didn't really intend on purchasing the dinner package but in her haste to secure some tickets online she got more than she intended. It worked out well. I don't think the Fine Line is known for their food but we were quite surprised in a good way. We only had two reserved seats but it worked out well that Job was along because there was more food than we needed and we were able to get him a seat at our table. The opening band was Vega4. Neither of us had heard of them but they put on a very good good that Tammy purchased their cd. Actually, for me they probably had the best song of the night...a song called Life is Beautiful. I hadn't planned on taking any video of them but I turned the camera on for one of their songs...very glad I did

Rachel is the one who got us listening to Augustana. I wasn't initially sold on their sound but I'm becoming a fan as their music continues to grow on me. They too put on a good show and I had their tunes running through my head for the next two days. This was my favorite of theirs...Bullets

The roads finally cleared enough for me to get out and ride the past four days...that's always nice.

I had to take Allie into the vet yesterday morning. Both pups have been fighting some sort of digestive tract infection. We had them on some meds a few weeks ago and they seemed to be over it but they've both fallen ill again. Allie was very lethargic yesterday morning so I got her in with the surgeon whose schedule was light. She thinks that Allie may have hurt her back as her rear leg reflexes aren't as they should be. Definitely some sort of neurological issues there she thinks. She gave me a two week supply of Rimadahl to help relieve her pain and reduce any swelling. It appears to be working as she's jumping up on furniture and stuff in ways that she normally doesn't. That's got me concerned though as she could be stressing her back in ways she wouldn't if there was pain.

We love our pups -- and Toby loves his stuffed animals -- oh, and us too!

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