Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tammy, and Taking Shots

It is truly better to give than to receive. Tammy turned 50 today. I was ahead of the game with her birthday this year having ordered her a Dell laptop a couple weeks ago and getting all the accessories during the past week. Rachel and I gave it to her today and she was so happy that she cried. I honestly wasn't expecting that reaction but her tears brought tears to my eyes as well. She is so thankful and I'm very happy for her.

The laptop she's been using is our 7-year-old Sony Viao and while it still works fine and has plenty of hard drive space it was beginning to hang up much more often as the processor wasn't keeping up with some of her programs. Reformatting wasn't the answer.

I just spent the last couple hours getting it set up for her. It's a nice little machine. I hooked up some Creative speakers to it and they have a very nice sound. She's upstairs getting familiar with it as I blog.

Whereas I had a difficult time accepting 50, Tammy is perfectly fine with it and looking forward to her senior discount menu in another 5 years. I suppose I too should embrace it gracefully.

In my previous entry I posted a letter from the former president of the union I belong to. It was a heartfelt letter and one which I believed in and did what the writer requested by posting it in other forums for wide dissemination. I wasn't prepared for the ridicule his letter would receive from one of the forums I'd posted it to. Rather than continue to engage the people who had nothing better to do than tear John down for his approach and his beliefs I decided to back out and leave the group to their own.

Matthew 7:6

Here's the forum and the thread I'm referring to. It's from one of the stained glass message boards I frequent. To be honest, it's not much of a group anymore for that matter as the owner of the forum, Angel (the long-winded one), has done well to cause them all to leave. The thread I started is likely the most activity the board has seen in some time. I'm sorry I ever began the thread after seeing how it devolved.

Bashing Christians is one of the latest sports and takes very little talent; just a good amount of ignorance. You really can't engage these people. In some respects what they say has some truth to it in regard to how people within the church have done all sorts of damage to unsuspecting people, often children. There can be no defense or explanation for that. We've had our own disappointment with a local church a couple years ago. However, I'd love for these people to accompany Tammy, Rachel and I to Hosanna on Tuesday night and see the sort of outreach which is occurring. I'd love for them to attend any of our worship services and hear the words being spoken by our ministers. Hosanna is such a positive force and influence not only in our little corner of the world but across the globe. I look forward to when we retire and can more fully involve ourselves even more than we're doing now.

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