Monday, January 7, 2008

Damn You, Tim!

Most of the guys I work with know that I'm a bit of a YouTube freak. I've currently got 131 videos posted to the site. One of those videos has seen quite a bit of activity in the year or more since it's been uploaded with over 51,000 views and 464 comments. (edit: it's since been removed from YouTube and uploaded to my Vimeo account)

A couple nights ago a friend from work, Tim, was at home digitizing some 8mm video from years ago. He was walking out of the room when he noticed a scene on the monitor which caught his eye. He thought it would maybe be a good clip for the site He uploaded it and the gatekeepers at the website picked up on it and gave it 'Latest Video Pick' status on their front page. In the little more than 24 hours since it's been posted it's received over 203,000 views—totally blowing away my Judge Judy video.

I took a lot of ribbing at work last night about it with comments such as "all your videos views together don't come anywhere near what this one video of Tim's has." It was total humiliation for me but you know what they say—that which doesn't kill you blah blah blah.

Anyway, I have a prediction that this lame (and it is a lame video) of Tim's will be just flash in the pan and once it's taken off's front page it will find its place in obscurity among so many other lame videos while my Judge Judy video will press on and eventually surpass Tim's lame video. Maybe I'm using the word lame too often in this post.

Tammy and I are taking a day trip to Winona to check out some stained glass in a couple of the buildings in town. I hope to grab some interesting photos along the way. Maybe we'll stop off near Lake City and see if we can see some eagles soaring out over the river.


Anonymous said...

Don't be a hater, Kev...

Kevin Gilmore said...

Oh, sure...easy for you to say...headless solder guy.