Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Frustrated But Maintaining Perspective

Rachel played broomball with the youth group from Prince of Peace last weekend. She came away a bit beat up but she had a blast and can't wait for the next game. She thinks it would be a good idea to use some protective gear. Ya think so?

I've been a bit down the past few weeks as the wear and tear of work continues what seems to be an ever-increasing drain on me. Maybe it's the realization of unfairness that each new year brings as management enjoys the spoils of another year of raises while the workers go without. Controllers (workers) are given bonuses based on performance but those bonuses don't figure into our yearly salary figures for retirement purposes. Management sees their yearly raises in the form of increased pay which counts toward their yearly salary amount and relates directly to their retirement annuity. They also enjoy some nice bonuses as well.

But hey, if you're not comfortable controlling traffic, maybe you can control people?

I wrote acting FAA Administrator, Bobby Sturgell, yet again this past week about the lack of leadership coming out of FAA headquarters in regard to this matter. I didn't hear anything from him the last time I wrote him and I don't expect I'll hear anything this time either. I'm still trying to make a difference in my own little way but feeling more and more that I'm just whistling in the wind. I'm persistent if nothing else.

I got a phone call from John Kline's (my Congressman) office in D.C. this afternoon. It wasn't John this time but one of his aids. She said they received my letter and would be sending it to the president's office. I asked if it would simply be just one of a thousand letters which make its way to the White House each day. She assured me that it would be accompanied by a phone call to an aide for Bush and that it would be seen. By who exactly I'm not sure.

I have some guys at work telling me that I'm painting a bulls-eye on myself for these letters I'm writing and some of my posts in my blog. I can't disagree with them more. I'm careful to not infer that the skies are unsafe or say anything which would allow FAA management to say that I'm undermining public confidence in the national airspace system. Pointing out FAA management hypocrisy is something on a whole other level in my opinion.

People in government, both FAA and officeholders are at least seeing my writings as I can see the searches which bring them to my blog and the FAA servers as well as servers which leave their traces behind. One such search which I see occasionally and which gives me a small bit of satisfaction is "faa mismanagement". Google indexes my blog in the #1 position for that search.

One thing I need to be careful of is getting wrapped up in resentment and bitterness. My father suffered that fate at the end of his career and it affected all those around him. I always told myself I'd never let bitterness get the best of me. When I went through my divorce ten years ago, I remember that my prayer then was that I didn't want to be left a bitter and angry person when it was all over. I simply wanted to go on with my life and have no ill feelings toward my former wife. My prayers were fully answered as I never felt bitter or resentful toward her. What more could I ask?

I suppose that should once again be my prayer and let God take care of the rest. I'll continue to do my small part but to not let this whole matter take away from the many blessings I have in my life. Keeping it all in perspective and reminding myself that I have much to be grateful for should continually play through my mind.


John A Hill said...

Believe me, brother, I feel your pain! I haven't worried much about what I've written here or commented on Carr's blog--and I always use my name. Sometimes the truth just needs to be told!

Kevin Gilmore said...

John...I agree. I'm troubled that so many feel uncomfortable voicing their concerns for fear of retribution. I've always felt that our freedom of speech was one of our most fundamental rights.