Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Invitation, a Celebration and a Decided Nation

My neighbor, Mark, has been kicking around the idea of getting a rode bike for a few months. He's got a hybrid bike which he's been trying to lighten with new parts but I think he's squeezed as much weight out of it as he's going to. I asked him if he'd like to accompany me on a ride and use one of my bikes to get a feel for a real rode bike. He jumped at the chance.

His longest ride so far is 29 miles so I figured a 27 mile loop on a nicer bike would be a good distance for him. We road side by side along the shoulder of Cedar avenue as we headed south into a 10mph. I let him set the pace. He was riding harder/faster than I expected him to and before long the pace began to take its toll. I asked him what his heart rate was and he replied, "169". I was worried that he was pushing himself too hard as I was hovering at 102 bpm. I could tell he was caught up in the feel of a light, responsive bike under him. Any half serious rode cyclist can relate to that.

My hope was that he was able to whet his appetite for rode cycling on a bike unlike any he's ridden. I think that happened.

Some newly minted air traffic controllers I work with threw a party last night to celebrate their recent certifications. A good time was had by all and in a few cases maybe too good a time. It was nice to see my co-workers outside of our work environment where we enjoyed some drinks and spirited conversation. Here's a link to a set of photos from the night that I uploaded to my Flickr account.

I'm no fan of John McCain. I simply don't like the man. Maybe you've read the comment he made about is wife several years ago. I don't care how stressed out he was; there can be no excuse for losing your composure like that.

There's an article in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine which describes McCain's life of privilege and the double standard he enjoyed while serving in the military. He's an ego driven man who in my opinion lacks the intellect and composure to lead our country.

Yes, I know that Rolling Stone is a liberal magazine but the author makes some good points which cannot be ignored.

Both Democrats and Republicans have their base voters who will vote for them no matter what. I had an email exchange with a friend this week who is a strong McCain supporter. It was a disappointing exchange because he would only speak to me with Republican talking points rather than direct his responses to specific questions I posed. It appears that his mind is made up and he's reluctant to engage in any discussion which would cause him to rethink his beliefs. To me that is sad.


John said...

That's quite the article on McCain. Some of it I had heard, much of it I had not.
One of the things that I've said to my wife is that being a POW isn't much of a qualification for being President.

Kevin said...

I agree, John. I've never been comfortable thinking of him as a hero. A survivor, yes. A hero, no.

He's not an honorable man in my opinion. He's abused his position in life too often for me to think of him as a self-made man.

photogopher said...

John has this problem of believing everything he says no matter how wrong it is. I know guys that make up stories and eventually they think that it really happened that way.
John thinks of himself as a hero. Of course we all know what a hero is. Someone that NEVER speaks of their heroic efforts. All John can do is continue to remind us that he suffered in Vietnam because he wasn't a very good pilot and wrecked his body bailing out. Sorry John