Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've Let Harold Down, A Celebration and an Addiction

Congressman John Kline came out to visit our facility on Tuesday. I'm not sure if my conversation with him this past Saturday had anything to with his decision to contact our union and set up the visit. It doesn't really matter...just that he made the effort. I heard from our local union President, Craig, that John committed to sitting down with our political liaison, Steve, the next time we have legislation important to our cause and going through that legislation line by line so there can be no misunderstanding about our issues. A commitment of that sort would make for a successful visit if Natca is able to follow through on those plans.

I've let down one of my friends at work with my decision to vote for Obama. Harold came up to me on Thursday with a bewildered look on his face as he asked me if it was true. I gave him a brief explanation for how I came to my decision then I gave him the url of my blog. He asked if it was really necessary that I put an Obama sign in my yard. I told him I did that more so to get a rise out of the neighbors.

Harold also talked about a mouse problem he's having at home. I think he said they've killed 6 of them so far. I told him that he too should vote for Obama because I know that he can fix that problem.

Only a few more days until the election and what is it Republicans are pedaling other than fear? Nothing from all that I've heard and I've been listening.

Speaking of pedaling. I took off a couple hours early from work today. The temps were rising into the upper 60's and the wind machine was cranked up. It made for slow going on the way out but gave me a nice push going home.

Fast forward to Saturday night as I've let my blog get away while we've got company. My older brother Bryan and his wife Sue came into town from Portland on Friday. They're here for our mother's 80th birthday celebration tomorrow at Jax restaurant in northeast Minneapolis.

We've been having a nice time together. After the trick-or-treaters were done ringing our bell last night we took them out to Cosetta's in St. Paul for a late dinner. Their coming into town was a surprise for our mom and they let her in on it tonight. They were going to wait until tomorrow to surprise her but we talked about it and decided that much of the fun for Mom is in knowing that they too will be there. They knocked on her door tonight to let her know they were here.

I woke up this morning to find that somebody wasn't too happy about our support of Obama. I suppose they could've trashed our sign but they chose a peaceful protest. I can respect that.

My name is Kevin and I'm an Assos addict. Tammy is an enabler and I blame my addiction on her. She bought me a couple pair of bib shorts for Christmas two years ago and I haven't been the same since. Assos is a Swiss manufacturer of cycling apparel. Of all the cycling clothing I've worn over the years there is nothing which comes close to this stuff. I've been waiting a couple months for a new order to arrive at World Cycling Productions in St. Paul and it finally came in. I took some time out of my morning to go down and pick it up rather than wait for the brown truck to deliver it. That makes no sense at all as it would be here by Wednesday but when you're an addict you do what you have to when you're in need.

I'll save Tammy's 3 hours spent with the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman and Rachel's moving violation court appearance for another blog because it's time to run...we've got company.

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