Friday, April 29, 2011

Amazing Talent

I don't get it—was the Royal Wedding really that big of a deal? If it was, the importance of it was lost on me, but I can't speak for Tammy. She, like (I would guess) the vast majority of females on the planet, was captivated by it. Even Rachel had a Royal Wedding all-night party at her apartment to watch both the build-up and the ceremony. I suppose I have no room to talk. I watch bicycle racing.

We were in the glassblowing studio both Thursday and Friday this week. I'd like to say that we continued to raise the bar on our abilities but we didn't, at least not that I could tell. We both found ourselves struggling more than anything but through our trials, we're finding more and more determination to learn this art. We've all got our talents and I hope that someday I can say that glassblowing is one of mine. Someday. But for now, I find it every bit as challenging as learning air traffic control—maybe even more so. I was mentioning to Tammy last week how I'm glad that this isn't easy. I'm glad it isn't something that can be mastered without a whole lot of time, sweat and mistakes. It will be that much more rewarding when we do finally arrive at a place where we're reasonably proficient. We're nowhere near that yet but we're both determined to get there.

Here's another video from Adele.

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