Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Enemies Are Men Like Me

I got a book in the mail today. A book that I'd read 30 years ago which opened my eyes to how to better visualize things to be able to draw them.The lasting impression it left on me was how to view negative space and focus on it in order to bring out the positive. I'd never considered that before. It's not available on Amazon for my Kindle so I ordered the hard copy and it was in today's mail. I've been spending some time tonight reacquainting myself with it. It may take a miracle given the time of year and the beautifully warm weather we're experiencing for me to actually find time to put pencil to sketch pad but I'm sure going to try.

It's Tuesday night so what am I doing here? It seems my posts have either been on Saturday or Sunday nights for so long now that it's unusual for me to color outside those lines. But here I am. And why is that?

Derek Webb.

I was listening to his music tonight while I read. One of his songs really hit me. I'd mentioned him in a recent blog post and I felt it was time to mention him just once more. You see, there was a time when I cheered our military as they waged war on all that we as a nation disagree with. I was a patriotic American. I not only listened to the hate speech of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I embraced it. I thank God for opening my eyes.

It's late and I have to be up 3:45. There's really not much else for me to say. I'll let Derek to that for me.

Derek Webb, My Enemies Are Men Like Me

I have come to give you life
And to show you how to live it
I have come to make things right
To heal their ears and show you how to forgive them

Because I would rather die
I would rather die
I would rather die
Than to take your life

How can I kill the ones I'm supposed to love
My enemies are men like me
I will protest the sword if it's not wielded well
My enemies are men like me

Peace by way of war is like purity by way of fornication
It's like telling someone murder is wrong
And then showing them by way of execution

When justice is bought and sold just like weapons of war
The ones who always pay are the poorest of the poor

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