Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm the One Who Doesn't

It's been a relaxing week off from work for me but not necessarily by choice. The weather was so hot and humid that it made being outside a little much at times so I cooled my heels inside for much of the week and practiced life as a retired air traffic controller.  I did real well too.

Speaking of heat, we actually did make it to the studio two days this week but found very few others willing to stand in front of 2200 degree glory holes. Tammy is quite the trooper I have to say. I don't think most hot-flash-experiencing-menopausal-women would put up with that kind of heat in an un-airconditioned space. It gets a little warm.

Michael, the founder of Foci stopped by our bench and asked us if we'd be willing to consider putting in some time at the Renaissance Festival this fall at the glassblowing exhibit Foci will be hosting. I told him that the only way we could consider something like that would maybe be in a supporting role but not as the actual people doing the glassblowing. I'm sure that's what he had in mind. Tammy and I both agree we're not ready for prime-time. He understood our concerns but seemed to imply that it's a good thing for people to see varying skill levels. The idea certainly intrigues me. Tammy is already thinking up ideas for our costumes. Dressing up in tights is no problem for me as that's usual attire 5-6 months out of the year on my bike anyway.

Rachel spent some time this summer studying to be a Certified Nursing Assistant and will soon have that qualification to add to her resume'. She hopes to find work at one of the hospitals in Rochester when she goes back to begin her sophomore year there in a few weeks. It will benefit her to have the experience when she ultimately decides which path she will follow toward either a degree as a Physician's Assistant or some other yet to be determined profession.

She wears her scrubs well don't you think?

Al, a friend from high school, hosted a small 36 year high school reunion at his home in Bloomington Friday night. I was never very outgoing in high school. I've written here before how I did just the minimum to get by as far as academics were concerned (finishing in the bottom 15% of my class I believe) and I never even attended my graduation ceremony. Sad, really. I simply never applied myself for whatever reason(s). When it came to reunions I hadn't even attended one until our 25th and that was only because my neighbor was on the organizing committee and convinced me that I should go. So, even all these years later for me to attend one of these functions I'm stepping well out of my comfort zone.

I think that for many of us those feelings we left high school with, inadequacy in my case, aren't very deep beneath the surface but hopefully, we're able to ignore them and just go and be ourselves. That's what I did. It was a nice time with my only regret being that I didn't get to talk to more people, people I didn't ever talk to back in the day but would like to have now. I look at my daughter and see how she's the polar opposite of me and wish I'd have come away with the experiences she has from those years. One of us has much to reminisce about and one of us doesn't.

I'm the one who doesn't.

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