Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's a Different Day

I seldom mention politics in my blog because I don't like going negative here. There's enough of that out there already. I will admit to being a recovering conservative, vowing never to touch that stuff again! There was a time not long ago when the Republican party owned me for my pro-life vote but I got tired of being a pawn for them and voted for Obama in 2008. I make no apologies. I know I turned a few heads in our neighborhood at the time. Has Obama been a disappoint to me? Yes, sometimes, like when he caved to Republican pressure and sent an additional 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. But still, he was the only logical choice for me in 2008 and he looks to be again in 2012.

We've got some serious money problems here in the U.S. and we can no longer afford the role of head-cop for the world. It's way past time to reign in our military and focus on our own shores and the problems we face here and now. And that takes money.

I penned a letter to my congressman this morning and also left a voicemail for him. The district I live in is overflowing with like-minded, white, middle to upper-class people and I'm afraid John Kline doesn't hear enough dissenting opinion from the norm. I don't mind occasionally being that voice.

We've spoken before and I found him receptive to what I had to say or at least I hoped he was. I'm sure he's a good man but my concern is that he's so beholden to his party and ideology that any sort of compromise that involves a reduction in our country's defense to ease our budget burdens will simply be unacceptable to him. It seems it's difficult enough getting even President Obama to agree on that.

But it's a different day.

Mr. Kline,

You've made mention time and again about your concern over earmarks. Certainly, they play a role in our overall debt but they're the wrong focus at this time and I think you know that. There are much bigger fish to fry!

I'm curious to know how much you're willing to cut military spending in an effort to reduce our expenditures and help our country to become more fiscally sound? Or are you in favor of increased military spending and at what rate and why?

I remember how the previous administration told us that the war in Iraq would be paid for with oil revenues from that country. How is that working out? How much is this ill-conceived war costing us and how long will it continue? Imagine the good that could've been done here at home with that amount of money? How do our expenses in Iraq compare with the cost of earmarks?

How about Afghanistan?

What does the story of Gideon mean for you?

A passenger preflight briefing aboard an aircraft always includes mention of cabin depressurization and what to do if the oxygen masks deploy. You're instructed to put your mask on first before helping those around you. The oxygen masks of our economy have deployed! It seems to me it's time to take care of ourselves before spending more of my daughter's future on an impossible effort to rid the world of every person who wishes us harm.

Sadly, as long as there are no term limits for the Congress and the Senate little will change. It's no secret that bought-and-paid-for elected officials are at the heart of our nation's problems. Doing what's right for our country's benefit and doing what's most advantageous to being reelected are too often at odds and we know who loses.

Thank you for your time.


Kevin Gilmore


John said...

Good letter, Kevin.
Two other things:
1) I wouldn't consider myself (or you) to be a "recovering conservative." I still consider myself to be very conservative, both morally and fiscally. I'm just not the neo-conservative radical that is now guiding the republican party.
2) What is the source for your graph? I'd like to use that, but prefer to know its source before I do.

Kevin said...


Thanks. I googled (image search) something about U.S. military spending compared to the rest of the world and several pie charts came up all showing roughly the same sort of slices of the pie. I'm not sure if this is the actual site I lifted it from but here's where it can be found

Yes, true what you say about those currently guiding the republican party. It gets more interesting all the time.