Monday, April 16, 2012


It's become obvious to us both that for our glassblowing skills to improve it's necessary that we not miss even one week of glassblowing; something we've been doing too much of lately. But what's also becoming apparent is that for us to push our abilities beyond where they're at, we're going to need more instruction and not necessarily from Foci. Anoka Technical College has a 16-week course that we've heard some very good things about and which has us both interested. It will be a bit of a hike each way (38 miles) to get there but the larger problem is finding how to fit it into our schedules. It's likely we'll have to wait a couple of years until we're both retired before we'll find the time. Until then we'll have to be content to flail away, learning what we can from our mistakes.

Between my CompuTrainer, the elliptical and my walking, I'm finally getting in some regular workouts. I noticed this past week that my lungs are no longer sore the way they'd been since my bilateral pulmonary embolism issues of nearly 3 months ago. The only soreness I'm feeling lately is in my knees and that can only mean one thing: I'm doing a lot less sitting on my butt. It's taken me a while to climb out of this funk I've been in but I'm nearly back and so glad to be.

We went out with Mom Saturday night to Teresa's in Lakeville. We offered to take her someplace nicer but she had her heart set on Mexican food—or was it the margarita? It was a nice time and we were able to keep her close to home which is what she likes. Tim was out flying his helicopter when we got there. He makes it look a lot easier than it is. Hmm...maybe something else to put on my retirement to-do list.

We've been meeting with our small group from church every other Thursday night at our home with our latest focus being the book of Ephesians. I was down in the shop Thursday afternoon when I heard Tammy running around upstairs looking for me and yelling my name. She sounded like she was in a panic so I ran upstairs to see what was the matter. "Kevin! ...we've got to cancel small group! ...the Jars of Clay concert is tonight and I totally forgot!"

Whew! And I thought something was wrong with one of the pups the way she sounded.

This is not a problem at all—nothing a few phone calls, emails, and as a last resort, a note on the front door couldn't fix.

We got downtown with plenty of time to spare and killed that by walking around a few block radius of the Fine Line Music Cafe where they were playing; coffees in hand. This is probably the 5th time we've seen them in the last 8 or 10 years. They never disappoint and this night was no exception. It was mostly an acoustic set.

Here's a collection of photos from the night.

The highlight of the night for me was Matthew Perryman Jones. I'd only recently heard of him from a link my brother Bryan had sent me for some free mp3 samples of some Jars of Clay music. A couple of Matthew's songs were included. Typically a CD takes a few listenings before it grows on me but not Matthew's music.

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