Monday, May 7, 2012

Are You Rachel's Father?

Tammy has decided that enough is enough. She's been working to update her resume' in hopes of finding a job she actually looks forward to doing rather than one that causes her mostly stress which would well describe her current position. Up until now she's been working part-time but she's considering full-time employment if that's what it takes.  I'm happy with her decision because for the longest time I've been encouraging her to either learn to not care so much about her current job or find something new. It's not in her nature not to care so this becomes her only option.

I'd hoped to do some major yard-work this past weekend but continued downpours hampered my efforts. I did get the one most important job done though; wheelbarrowing 3 yards of garden mix dirt to our flower beds around the yard. Friedges in Lakeville has a mix of pulverized dirt, compost and sand that I'm hoping will work well. It was pretty much a full afternoon job and one that I had to race to get done just ahead of Friday night's stormy weather. I finished just as the rains began.

I also wanted to get the lawn mowed but it's been raining so much that there are actually a few small areas where water has pooled. The lawn will have to wait. Our sump pumps have been steadily cycling for the last 36 hours. I shot this photo just outside of work on the way in to begin my workweek yesterday afternoon. The ground throughout the area is saturated.

I was standing in line at Divannis Friday night when I heard someone behind me say "Is that Rachel Nguyen's dad? ...excuse me, are you Rachel's father?" I turned to see a family that I recognized from the dance studio where Rachel danced for ten years before leaving for college. Tony and I were in the Dads' dance together for at least one year, maybe two. "Yes, she's my daughter" I replied, trying to keep from smiling too much. Mary went on to say that the first recital without Rachel last year just wasn't the same. She always looked forward to seeing her out there and that she missed her. We talked a little about how she's doing now. I told them of her new-found passion for ballroom dance.

I called Rachel when I got back in my truck and told her of my encounter. She mentioned that they were some of her favorite people from the studio. We talked about her standing invite from Dana to participate in judging dance tryouts at the studio for next season and she mentioned that she hopes to be able to get off work to help out. Oh yeah, speaking of Rachel and work...I'm not sure I mentioned here previously that she accepted the position of Sports and Enrichment Counselor at the Rochester YMCA where she'll be working with K-6 graders in several different sports this summer which is somewhat amusing because she's never really played that many sports. But she'll wing it. She's good with kids having taught dance for a few years at the studio while in high-school. But this also means that she won't be home for the summer other than just a day or two at a time to visit.

I have a feeling that I'll be seeing more of her via video files than in real life for the foreseeable future. Here's my latest 'Rachel fix' she sent me as she performs with members of her college ballroom team.

(she's 2nd from the left in the front as the video begins)

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Tell Tammy to check out the clinics....urgent care. That's what Angie did years ago and way less stress for her. Good pay too!!