Sunday, May 27, 2012

Segueing Backwards

I struggled in the studio on Thursday, operating on not enough sleep having worked the all-night shift the night before. I couldn't seem to find my rhythm. I'd already thrown in the towel when Tammy suggested I take the remaining 30 minutes of our 3 hour slot and try again.I'm so thankful for her encouragement. Tired and not thinking clearly, somewhat shaky from not enough to eat, I somehow managed  to blow a vase shape I'd never before attempted; a 3 gather vase with shoulders. I hope to have a photo of it next week to post here. I'm excited to go back and try again.

I was out on a longish walk the other morning. With my Kindle in hand, I occupied my mind reading the book, Mockingjay; the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I had no particular route in mind and after 90 minutes I found myself in my old neighborhood. I closed the cover of my Kindle, silenced my music and tried to recall the last time I'd walked these streets 20 years earlier with Snickers leading the way. I stood in front of my old home and felt a twinge of sadness at how rundown it's become. It will be 20 years ago tomorrow that I closed on our current home. By far the longest I've ever lived in one place. I hope to do another 20 right where I am.

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I was a veteran long before it was cool to be one. I don't know that I ever had anyone thank me for my service until a few years ago when our senior pastor at Hosanna recognized all of the veterans in the congregation one morning by having us stand. It was actually a touching experience. For that moment standing there with what seemed to be too few others I had a real sense of pride. But truth be told I didn't join the military to protect my country or out of some patriotic leanings. I did it because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life and it seemed like a responsible alternative to the factory or gas station jobs I was working. I had no interest in college then having barely survived high-school.

I'm segueing into something here...

I've been writing my blog going on 9 years and in that time I've written a handful of posts that stand out for me. Typically they have to do with me reminiscing about my past and decisions I made that resulted in profound changes in my life. Thoughts of what prompted me to join the Navy reminded me of this series of writings I did a couple years ago; a series of entries that stand out for me.

(follow the link at the end of each post to take you to the next)

1975 Revisited

Wishes for a safe and memorable Memorial Day tomorrow for everybody.

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