Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Crashers and Slow Motion Me

Tammy asked me recently what I'd like for Father's Day. Without hesitation, my thoughts turned to things glassblowing related. I mentioned that we could use some more frit (small bits of glass color). She countered with a suggestion for glassblowing tools instead. Even better! We've been using the shop's tools and while they're okay with where we're at in our skills, it's not a bad idea to begin assembling our own toolkit. She did some research and came up with some ridiculously expensive but beautiful Carlo Dona shears for cutting through hot glass. I think I'll be content for the foreseeable future with glassblowing tools for any gifts she may want to shower me with and I'm thinking that she won't mind if I return the favor.

I did buy myself one gift for Father's Day. I ordered a model kit of the class of ship I served on during my time in the Navy in the mid to late '70s. This is something I've been wanting to do for some time. It may be a while before I get around to building it but I'll at least have it ready to go.

I made it out to the Nature Valley Grand Prix bike race in Uptown Minneapolis Friday night. Very cool! It was a little bittersweet for me seeing not only the racers and their bikes but all of the other people who pedaled to get there as well. I wanted to be among their numbers.

It's a stage race spread out over 5 days finishing in Stillwater this afternoon. I gave serious consideration to taking a pass on work today and going out there to watch them but I didn't.

Here's a collection of photos from Friday night.

Rachel finished her first week of nearly full-time work as a camp counselor for the YMCA working with kids from K through 6th grade. I'm not sure she was expecting to be so exhausted at the end of each day but she had fun. She learned that the best way to halt the tears of a crying little one is a trip to the water fountain. Walk them over to it and let them drink. By the time they're through the tears are no more.

She called last night to say that she and Maddy were going out to find a wedding to crash. I had to laugh as she's told me before that they do this for fun. They scope out the hotels in town and look for marquees advertising a reception. They dress nicely and wait until the reception is in full swing when most folks have had their share of booze then they go in and hit the dance floor. She said it's a blast! I can imagine the bride and groom wondering who those girls on the dance floor are but not caring because I'm sure they add a lot of life to the party.

I went to bed so exhausted last night but intent on going for a long walk this morning. And I did. I stepped out into a beautifully warm, sunshine-filled day. As I looked west from the intersection of County Rd 42 and Highway 5 (a couple of hours into my walk), I could see a line of weather moving my way. I opened the WeatherBug app on my Droid to have a better look. Sure enough, I was going to get wet but I really didn't mind. I was enjoying the walk too much to care—just as long as it wasn't going to be the gully-washer variety we've seen so much of lately. It wasn't. I finished my 13-mile walk in a steady rain, content with my few hours out on the road in slow motion.

But I'm really longing for speed.

Video from Friday's race...

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