Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Retirements and Being Regular

We had four more controllers retire last week: John Manring, Lantz Wagner, John DeGrood and Mark DeGrood. I mention these names and will continue to make mention of retiring controllers knowing that my blog is read by some retired controllers who will be interested in hearing about the latest to join their ranks. There will be so many more names to follow over the next couple years.

Mark and I have had such similar life paths. We both went to the same Jr-high and high-schools graduating together, we both did four-year enlistments in the Navy and we both found careers as air traffic controllers with the FAA. I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised when he moved into a home across the street from me some 16 years ago or so. He and his family still live there today. He would like to have worked a couple more years but was forced out by the age 56 mandatory retirement rule. I think we'll both be a little envious of one another as he transitions to his new phase of life. I'll be wishing I had his free time and he'll be wishing he had my paycheck. We're both in a good place.

I'm enjoying my Monday morning rides so much. I came back from last Monday's ride so pumped up having found another gear that's been missing for the longest time. After uploading my data to Strava I was surprised to learn that I've moved into 5th place overall on the segment on County Rd 46 from Cedar Ave west to the top of the hill with an 18.6 miles per hour average for the 0.8-mile climb. Between my power meter and the smattering of Strava segments along my routes, I'm seeing improvements in my form as I push myself harder than I have in a long time on the road. Really fun stuff!

I'm still managing to get on my CompuTrainer regularly and hope to continue to even once the weather warms. I get such a good workout on it. I've got one ride in particular that I do where I go all out. It's only a little over 20 miles but I compete against myself by using my personal best time on the course. I can load that effort into the CompuTrainer and it will show that rider out there with me on the monitor. I rode against myself last night and lost. I held the lead for the first 15 miles but couldn't hang on in the last 5. I love how it pushes me.

I was checking in on Facebook last night from Ernie's Pub and Grille and commenting that we've become regulars there to some degree. Not that we're there that often, typically a Friday or Saturday night each week but regular enough that they know the wine we like and bring it over to our table without us placing an order. They're good people there!

Ernie's is a nice, quiet (usually) place to unwind. They have a somewhat eclectic mix of music and often we'll try and figure out who the singer or group is...lots of music from the '90s. When we don't know for sure we'll Shazam it and then read the trivia from Shazam about the song or artist. We learned something new last night about one of Rod Stewart's biggest hits. Maggie May was originally a B side to a 45. I wouldn't have guessed that considering how popular it became. The song on the A side was Reason to Believe.

I had to laugh at Tammy while we were there. She was telling me the URL of a website and she began with "W-W-W" I said "nobody uses the w-w-w part anymore!" She went on to explain that it's something she does for the older people she deals with on the phone as part of her nurse-line job when she directs them to a link online. They get confused without it she says. It just struck me as being funny at the time.

Our sun-porch and deck project got underway on Monday. There's no turning back now!


John Hill said...

Maybe she's telling you that you're old...

Kevin said...

Haha! Don't think that thought didn't cross my mind as I was writing it. :-/

Jackie said...

Good one John! Love both the A and the B side of Rods 45. Never knew that either. So happy your porch is underway. Soon to become a favorite room in the house to be sure! Enjoy!