Sunday, May 12, 2013

We Love You, Mom!

I'm sort of geeky when it comes to yardwork. I keep a journal of when I fertilize, sharpen the mower blades, change the oil in my mowers, mow the lawn, plant the flowers and when the heavy leaf raking gets done. Don't ask me why, it's just what I do. I keep my yard journal out in the garage and was looking at some of last year's entries yesterday. By this time last year, I'd already fertilized twice and had cut the lawn several times. What a difference one year can make. I finally fertilized the lawn yesterday but I've yet to mow it. I suppose a part of my apathy (in addition to the worst spring season ever) is the fact that our porch project has taken over a good section of our backyard making it difficult to get the mowers around it all. I have a hunch though that this week will see me out there on the mower.

Speaking of our porch project, Joe made some nice progress this week. I don't see much rain in the forecast so I think we can expect lots of activity out there beginning tomorrow morning.

We went out with Brenda and Marty Friday night. Our original plan was to go to JoJo's Rise & Wine Bar in Burnsville but after meeting there and standing in the front entrance looking at the menu for a couple minutes Brenda suggested we scrap those plans and go across the street to Mediterranean Cruise Cafe instead. Either place would be a new experience for Tammy and me so we were happy to go along with whatever was decided.

What a fun time we had!

We got there during prime dinner time for a Friday night but managed to get seated right away. I immediately liked the atmosphere. Did I mention they have belly dancers?

We decided on a dinner special for 4 people that gave us a wide variety of foods, mostly things I'd never heard of much less tasted. There was nothing I didn't like. The only negative I'd have to say about our time there was that the table was too small for all the food they were sending out to us. Seriously! I had to laugh at the salt and pepper shakers on the table because I couldn't imagine using either and altering at all the already so flavorful food. We'll definitely be going back. And don't worry JoJo's—we'll be out your way soon, too!

I was on a ride a few days ago and went past the dog park at Cleary Lake about 10 miles west of home. I got to thinking that I really needed to get our pups back out there. They always love the park but we didn't make it there once last year opting for Ritter Farms Park instead because it's closer. I got up early Saturday and piled them in the back of Tammy's Forester for a trip to the park. (See video embedded below.) They had so much fun. Toby and Allie will be 10 years old in August and I don't know how many more years they'll be able to romp around at the park so I'm going to do all I can to get them out there as much as possible for as long as possible. It's crazy how much I love those little guys.

We took Mom out to dinner at Ernie's Pub and Grille last night for an early Mother's Day dinner. She looked so pretty. For all the times I've mentioned Ernie's on Facebook or here, this was actually only the first time we've had dinner there. It's our hangout for a late-night glass of wine and unwinding.

We were in there a few nights ago and Greg was telling us how they were totally booked up for Mother's Day with over 530 reservations. He penciled us in for Saturday night when he could wait on us. We're always impressed when our waiter is able to take our orders and get all of the details right without using a notepad. Tammy commented on how there's no way she could ever do that. I know I couldn't.

We had a nice time with good food, wine, and conversation.

I talked to Mom tonight and she mentioned all of the family that came by to see her today and how nice it's been. She sounded very satisfied and content. For the last few years, I often wonder with each passing celebration if it will be the last time she'll be there with us and each year that unease grows just a little more.

We love you, Mom!

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