Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Down Time...Just the Way I Like It

I was off from work last week. Typically when I have to go back to the salt-mine after a vacation it's always just a little depressing but not so this time. I got so much accomplished during my time away that coming back to work will give me a chance to catch my breath or at least that's what I tell myself anyway.

I had planned to go for an all-day ride on Friday but Thursday night I decided that my bike would have to remain on ice while I tended to more pressing matters that weren't going to magically get done on their own. After Antonio finished the retaining wall he built for our porch I decided it was time to finally get my hands dirty with our porch project. I'm so glad I made that decision and have all of that work behind me. I'll have to make a similar effort and more once the deck is completed but at least I've taken a big bite out of what's been waiting for me.

I'll hit the roads hard for a couple of hours tomorrow before work and I won't be riding with preoccupying thoughts that I have things other than riding to do.

Am I going gray? Rachel was ribbing me a little about some supposed gray hairs on my temples but I can't see them. Perhaps I'm going both gray and blind. I'll take her word for it.

Tammy and Rachel are in the planning stages of their trip to New York in August where Rachel will be attending college at Stony Brook University for the fall semester. The plan was for them to rent a car and drive out together then have Tammy fly back but the prices for a one-way rental are ridiculous when compared to a round-trip rental. I can't make the drive out there with them because of work but I offered to fly and meet them out there and spend a couple days taking in the sights together before driving back home with Tammy. It will be a mini vacation. Tammy loves the idea and is busying herself by making a 'to do' list for us while we're out there. I had to laugh because I recalled the time the three of us went to Disney World and Tammy had nearly every minute of our time scheduled with stuff to do. We were all so tired by the time our vacation was over! I asked her to please make sure we have just a little more downtime this trip.

So far she has us scheduled for a 5-hour tour that takes in many of the main attractions and tickets for the musical Wicked. Rachel texted us that we "should squeeze in time for the Guggenheim." Hmmm...something tells me we're going to have very little downtime but I'm not complaining because as I've said before here, I'm not so good at sitting still. This works for me!

We saw the duo below last week at Thursday's on First when we were visiting Rachel in Rochester. I actually caught part of this song in the video collage of our trip.

I really like this...

Life on a String - Mandolin Orange from Pete Bell on Vimeo.

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