Monday, June 10, 2013

Mr Kevin's Outside!

I had most of last week off from work but because of some more really rainy weather and a sciatic nerve flare-up I was mostly kept sidelined. I suppose forced downtime is okay but I get restless when I have to sit still for too long.

Mom's initial treatment for her detached and torn retina was unsuccessful so she had to go back and have another procedure done where they insert a gas bubble into the eye which works to keep the damaged retina in place while it heals. She was mostly awake for the 45-minute procedure. It's called Pneumatic Retinopexy.

I find it so incredible the things that people are able to do. She still has very limited vision in her damaged eye but hopefully that will improve over the next few weeks and months. I think she said it could take six months before she'll achieve her optimum vision.

Tammy's mom is in town for another few days. We were able to bring her to see my mom and let them visit for a couple hours last Friday night. It's the first time I've ever seen Elaine drink alcohol; just a small glass of Chardonnay. I brought my video camera along to quietly film them as they talked. Who's to say how many more opportunities I'll have to video either of them.

The neighbors behind us will be moving in the fall. They've got a growing family of 3 adorable kids with another on the way and they need a larger home. The little ones refer to me as Mr Kevin. "Mr Kevin's outside!" I think it's so cute -- so cute that I adopted the title for my Instagram account.

Tammy thought it would be fun to make a Fairy Garden in a small section of our flower garden in the backyard for them. It turned out really nice. She plans to occasionally add things to it to keep them coming back to check on it. We'll miss watching them grow up.

The window dilemma for our addition has been solved and I'm relieved.

The rainy weather broke long enough Saturday for me to get out on a ride to the southeast. It was the only workout I did all week so it was especially nice to be out. Unlike the previous Saturday, my quads didn't begin to fail me at 80 miles so I was happy about that. They did however begin to show signs of weakening at 97 miles after I tried 'going for it' on a Strava segment just a few miles from home. Still, I was happy with having moved up in the standing on that particular climb!

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