Sunday, August 11, 2013

An End in Sight After 15 Weeks

I woke up this morning and toyed around with the idea of going for a walk before work. Attending church no longer figures into my routine. I went downstairs to start my laptop and check the weather because it was looking a little gloomy and found that the sporadic internet problems I was having last night had become more than that. Several attempts to fix the problem got me nowhere so I got on the phone with Charter who diagnosed my troubles as an unresponsive modem. Not the beginning to the day I had hoped for.

A new modem from the store I usually don't like to frequent or mention has us back online.

We saw lots of progress made on our sun-porch and deck addition this past week and the end of the project is now in sight after 15 weeks of construction. That realization comes as a relief as our home begins to return to normal. We're still waiting on a replacement door from Marvin Windows. It's supposed to ship out tomorrow from their Warroad plant 380 miles north. Hopefully, it will make it to us by mid-week.

Here's a link to my latest blog update about the project. Check out the time-lapse video at the end if you have a spare 4:32.

Our backyard becomes a little shadier with each year as trees mature leaving parts of our lawn in a losing struggle for survival. Most of my Friday afternoon was spent trying to reverse the damage. I spread down some topsoil and raked in some rye-grass lawn seed that's supposed to be more shade tolerant. I finished by covering the area with hay to try and minimize runoff from heavy downpours and help the soil retain moisture but I'm concerned that the hay will reduce even more the limited sunshine the area already suffers from. I'll know in a couple weeks if my efforts are paying off. Watch this space for updates!

I only managed two rides this week. That's not good. I got up early Saturday intent on putting in a strong effort but I'd spent too much time on my legs the day before for that to happen. I'd have to settle for mediocre. But mediocre on the bike under sunny skies with a light breeze and cooler than normal temps was still a pretty good place to be.

My route.

My ride...

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