Monday, August 19, 2013

Stony Brook Bound!

I was at a stoplight a couple days ago when I noticed a police car waiting opposite me for the light to change. I briefly wondered if someone would run the light as so often happens and would the officer ticket the driver. Sure enough, a cement mixing truck barreled through the intersection just as the light was changing to red. A brief moment passed as I waited for green and as the light changed, a red SUV easily going much faster than the posted 45 mph blew through the light. The cop, who was intending to go straight made a fast right turn in pursuit. I'd be curious to hear the excuse offered up if there was one. I've gotten in the habit of looking left and right before pushing the accelerator. I never used to feel the need.

Tammy and Rachel are trekking their way across the country to Stony Brook, NY where Rachel begins school in one week. Tammy drove my pick-up down to Rochester Saturday afternoon to fill it up with one last load of Rachel's belongings and to bring her home. She's had to give away a lot of her stuff (mostly bedroom furniture) because we don't really have room to store it all here and the cost to put it in storage would be more than its value. Such is the life of a college student.

She got all of her things that she'll be taking to New York transferred from the truck to the rental car and what didn't fit we stuffed into her room then closed the door. We're so thankful for the door to her room.

She tentatively plans to take one year off from school after her senior year to finish accumulating enough medical related work hours before applying to a Physician Assistant school. I know she'd talked about a break before but she already has 900 hours of the required 1500 so I'd be surprised if she actually does take a break. She's hoping to land some type of nursing assistant job when she gets to Stoney Brook and continue to add to her balance of hours. We shall see.

The three of us spent a couple hours with Mom Saturday night. She needs to have another surgical procedure on her eye once again scheduled for this Wednesday because of continuing complications. This next procedure will be somewhat different than the last two and her doctor assured her that this will finally fix the problem with her torn and detached retina. I'm not sure how this next procedure will be different from the previous two but I hope and pray they're right.

We came home and spent some time chatting on the deck over some wine and beer by the fire before calling it a night.

They traveled 525 miles to Mackinaw City, Michigan yesterday where they spent the night. They loved it there. They're not taking the most direct route to get to Stony Brook but it will be a prettier drive and one that avoids the snarled traffic of Chicago. They plan to drive to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today (about 750 miles) where they'll spend tonight. That will leave them with not much more than a 4-hour drive tomorrow. Tammy wanted to be sure they were both rested before doing battle with the traffic in New York. Good idea!

A few minutes with the pups before saying goodbye...

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