Sunday, October 27, 2013

Note to Self: Do Not Screw This Up!

"I got a text from Rachel a few days ago: "Soooo the amazing race...are we gonna make it happen?"

The Amazing Race is a program on CBS that we've been following since it first aired in 2001. It's a 'reality tv' show where contestants complete challenges as they race around the world. We've been talking about trying out for the show for at least the last six years. They're taking applications now for the cast/participants of the next race which is planned for this coming spring and summer. It would work for Rachel's schedule but not mine...unless I retire. Hmmm.

The show is as much about relationships as it is about a race and they've never had a step-father/step-daughter combination. We've always thought that could work to our advantage. Rachel said she'd compile a storyboard of our lives together for a video submission from us. We'll see.

I finally made it out to the mountain bike trails at Murphy-Hanrehan Park about 6 miles west of us. What a blast! It's such a departure from the road biking I'm used to but it's so much riskier for me, or is it? At least I'm not contending with distracted drivers in vehicles out on the road but I simply can't be throwing myself around out there and taking falls. Two separate days on the trails this past weekend and two falls. The last one came just after I'd reminded myself to go easier and that it wasn't a race and to simply enjoy the beauty of the trail. I was splayed out in the fallen leaves before I had any idea I was going down. It's so hard to back off though because the kid inside me wants to push-push-push while the older more mature me is advocating for a reserved approach. You can guess which voice usually wins out.

The park consists of about 10 miles (16 kilometers) of trails carved out through the woods. I'm so in awe of the work that's gone into planning and making this system of trails happen. I'd been in there for 30 minutes when I briefly glanced down at the breadcrumb trail on my Garmin Edge 705 to see the many switchbacks and turns I'd maneuvered through as depicted in the photo to the left. It's just so impressive to me and it's so close to home. I really need to not screw this up and make sure I stay safe because I want this kind of riding to continue to be part of what I do.

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Theresa Hage said...

Kevin...Retire already...remember no one ever said on their death bed " I wish I would have spent more time at my job." ; )