Thursday, October 3, 2013

Was I The One Who Lost My Way?

This was the year of the Cicadas as they emerged above ground as adults from their 17 years of life underground as nymphs where they fed on sap from plant roots. I'd seen them often this summer but wasn't sure what they were until Rachel saw a video I'd posted and clued me in. I found this one crawling across our garage floor looking like it was nearing the end of its life. I found a flower in our garden for it to drift away on.

My MacBook Pro is beginning to show its age at a little over 3 years old. It hesitates now in a way it never used to and the PC side of it that I power with VMware has become painfully slow. I upgraded to the latest OS (Mountain Lion) in hopes that it would help but it doesn't really appear to have. I also updated my VMware from version 3 to version 6 but no change there either. I brought my Mac into the Apple Store at Mall of America and the guy at the Genius Bar ran some diagnostics on it but could find nothing wrong with the hard-drive other than some files that were cluttering it up. So, I'll just make do for a while longer and use it as a way of making me an even more patient guy.

Speaking of being a patient guy, I'm losing my patience with our government and by government, I'm referring mostly to Republicans. I don't talk politics very often here but I do need to make mention of what's happening today to jog my memory when I revisit this entry years from now.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare is such a divisive issue and Republicans are pulling out all of the stops to try and abolish it, including shutting down much of the government until they get their way (we're in day 3 of the shutdown). They're doing all they can to try and make it more difficult for those who can't afford health care to continue to be unable to afford it. The party of Christian conservatives isn't acting very Christian-like at all with too many outspoken Christian leaders leading the way. What do you suppose Jesus would say? I'm quite sure he wouldn't give your efforts his blessing nor would he approve of your obsession with guns for that matter. Yours was the party I once felt so at home in not all that long ago and yours was the faith I embraced for so long but am falling away from at a disturbing speed because of how it's been hijacked.

Was I the one who lost my way?

President Obama continues to hold firm to his 'no negotiating' away the ACA and I applaud him. The Republican party is in serious jeopardy of losing so much of their credibility and hopefully, some of their base should ObamaCare prove to be just what our country needed to try and reign in health care costs. Maybe that will be what it takes to get at least some of the masses of people in our country who have turned their critical thinking skills over to the fake news people on Fox News and the hate-filled radio hacks who spread their poison over the airwaves to question what it is they've been lapping up for too long. That's my dream. That's my prayer.

Moving on.

With our new addition, I'm finding it much more difficult to get my John Deere LX255 lawn tractor turned around in the yard without a lot of stops and starts because of its not so tight turning radius. It's served me well for 13 years and I have no doubt there are many more years left in it but I've decided to trade it in on a model with all-wheel steering. It'll allow me to much more easily maneuver my way around our yard with its much tighter turning radius. I take delivery tomorrow.

We've been furniture shopping for our sun-porch. Our first pieces arrived last Saturday and now all that's left to find are some end-tables and a medium to larger size ottoman for between the sofa and loveseat. We were out today with our dimension specs in hand trying to find something that appealed to us. We got some good ideas but we need to look more.

As much as we'd like to have the entire project completed, we're still a few months away from that considering the ottoman will likely have to be custom ordered which will take at least a month or two to arrive and we still need to decide on blinds for the room and order them. Karen is advising us to go slowly during this last phase and maybe just do a piece at a time and build off each one to get it right. I like the way she thinks.

I got home from the all-night shift yesterday morning and laid down before getting up and walking the pups. I soon found myself back in bed in search of my mojo. I didn't find it but I was eventually able to stumble my way outside to mow the lawn because there were two days of rain in the forecast. All the while I'm trying to psych myself up to go for a ride once my work was done but I just wasn't feeling motivated. I sat out on the deck in the warm sun playing Candy Crush on my Droid watching the sun get lower in the sky and thinking how there won't be many warm afternoons like this left for riding this year. That's all it took and with that, I was off.

It's odd how so often when I'm feeling tired like that, I'll somehow find it in me to put in a surprisingly decent effort. And that's what I did. Here's some video from the last half of the ride.

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