Friday, January 9, 2015

With 100% Certainty!

Tammy has spent the last couple days getting her new sewing room organized. I had no idea it would be this involved. She's going through all of her crafting things located in the den and reorganizing them for storage in her sewing room. I hadn't imagined it would be this involved but it is and once she gets it done it's going to be a great space for her to work in. Good for her. I'm really happy we did this and just in time for her pending retirement in April.

Speaking of her retirement; she picked up a pesky virus on her computer downloading a countdown widget for her retirement date. I finally got rid of it but it was much more of a hassle than it should've been to find the solution. I ended up uninstalling her Google browser and all of the associated files then downloaded a clean version. Fixed! But back to her retirement and her idea of a countdown timer. No viruses possible with this version!

I swore last year when I bid my schedule and vacation for this past year that it would be my last time participating in the bidding process. I was wrong. I was always hedging in my head that I was 85-90% sure I'd be retiring at the end of the year but the 10% or so won out. I can say for certain though that this is without question the last time I'll write my name on a schedule line and I say that with 100% certainty!

I surprised a few people by bidding Tuesday-Wednesday as my days off. It's a very junior schedule but it works for me in a couple of ways: I get to work with a younger crew which I like and it has me working shifts where there's not a lot of training happening. I like that too. I hope to finish out the year or somewhere close to it but I'll just take it a month at a time and see where it gets me. We're losing so many people in the spring and it'll be near impossible to get unscheduled time off once they're gone. I may get caught up in the mass exodus as well.

I was going through some of my albums last night from my previous life and found myself kicking around the idea of trying to get some of them digitized. There are two in particular that I've been seeking out since I've been online but they've never come available on CD. One is from a '70s group called Stonebolt. They were a Canadian band with an original sound that worked real well for me. The other is an album by the Bellamy Brothers featuring their single Let Your Love Flow. I've never been much for county-western music but I loved every song on that album. I had originally bought it for my brother-in-law Jerry while I was in the service. I came home from leave at one point and it ended up back in my possession and I've kept it safe ever since.

There were several other albums in my collection that I'd like to turn into 1s and 0s so I got to researching turntables that have a USB connection for the conversion to digital. I found this one that I think will work just fine for my needs. That got me thinking too...I think I'll set it up in our sun-porch and actually use it with some of my old albums. I have a friend, Phil, who's always spinning tunes on his turntable, I assume for the richer sound. I hope my ears are still good enough to appreciate the difference!

Video from one of my rides last week that didn't make the blog cutoff...

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