Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let the Growing Begin!

Tammy is rocking the gardening thing this year! We always take one day each spring to go shopping for flowers. It's a pretty big undertaking considering all of the flower gardens we have so it's best done as a team, plus we always love doing it together. Our schedules weren't lining up so well so Tammy offered to go out last Friday and get most of what we needed before the hordes of weekend shoppers scarfed them up.

I came home from work Friday night and she was excited to take me out and show me what she'd picked out. I had the biggest smile on my face. She did real well! Not only that but when I came home from work Saturday afternoon she was well on her way to having them all in the ground. Wow!

We went out Monday morning to find some hanging baskets for our deck and front step. The finishing touch to our outdoor work was an herb garden I made for her as a Mother's Day gift.

Let the growing begin!

We've had some cool weather here and I've been taking advantage of it by getting the pups out walking more than I usually do with two walks a day. They're loving it but I'm worried that they're going to expect me to do this every day. I just know that once the warm weather arrives Toby and Allie will have a difficult time doing these sort of distances. They'll be 12 this summer and I don't want to push them too hard. We've done 4 miles each of the last two days...this walk here broken up into two segments.

Toby is so adorable. He pretty much leads the way and he knows which roads lead to home and which ones will add distance to the walk. He was especially happy these last two days when I gave in to his pleadings to add the Fleet Farm kicker to our walk thereby adding an additional 15 minutes. It's tough to look into those sweet, aging eyes of his and say no. Usually once during each walk he'll slow and look at me and I'll know it's his signal for me to bring my face nearer to his so he can jump up and give me a lick. I always interpret it as him saying "Thanks for the walk, Dad!" He's such a sweetheart.

We watched Still Alice a couple nights ago after having read the book. It's a fictional story about a Harvard linguistics professor who is stricken with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. I know there will be a significant difference between the trials of the woman in the movie compared to Tammy's mother but I think it's important for me to learn whatever I can ahead of time about the disease and its effect on a person's mind.

Yardwork and gardening took up most of my days off. I did manage one nice ride with Hynek; a 45 mile loop out to Hampton. My knees felt much better than normal so I was happy.

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