Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Moms and a Yikes!

We're beginning to find a rhythm to the new dynamics of our household. Elaine was resistant to staying with us at first but in the past week there's been no push-back at all. She gets a little lonely for her home and Cindy at times but a phone call to Cindy helps. We have yet to set up a video chat for her to try but intend to do that soon. There's no reason not to use all of this great technology available to us.

We purchased a season pass to the zoo less than 15 minutes away. Tammy and Elaine have already been there once and her mom really enjoyed it. They'll be doing much more of that. Tammy has also been getting her out for walks around the neighborhood. We're feeling very glad that we're in a position to be able to do this for her.

My mom hasn't been faring so well. We had a family care conference last Wednesday that seemed to me to gloss over many of the health issues she's having. She continues to be dehydrated due to a persistent case of C-diff. Why they haven't had her on an IV is beyond me. I want to trust the staff that has been caring for her at Three Links Care Facility but some of us can't help but question some of what's happening (or not happening).

Tracee took her back to the ER at Ridges this morning after speaking with her regular doctor. She was so dehydrated when she arrived that they couldn't even get a urine sample from her. Again, I just have to say what a blessing Tracee has been to our family for all she's been doing behind the scenes to make sure that Mom is getting the best care. I should add that Mom is too often reluctant to tell the nursing staff when she has a problem. She didn't want to bother them one night last week in the middle of the night because she felt they needed their sleep, too. She fails to realize that that's what they're there for.

I had my appointment yesterday for my Photodynamic Therapy. It's been probably 5 years since I last had it done and I don't remember my face reacting so strongly to it. It's like a really bad sun burn. The entire procedure takes about two hours and begins with a scrubbing of my face with an acetone followed by the application of a chemical that needs to be allowed to soak into my skin for 75 minutes. I was then placed in front of a blue light that wraps around my face. The first few minutes are kind of intense as the chemical reacts to the light and begins to burn my skin. I couldn't help but wonder how I was going to endure it for the full 16 minutes and 40 seconds but after a few minutes the pain subsides a little and becomes manageable. I'll have the process done again in three weeks.

I got a phone call for an overtime shift this morning. I told Lenny I could make it then went into the bathroom to get ready and looked in the mirror. Yikes! People are gonna freak out when they see me I thought. I think some maybe did a little. But they paid me well to be embarrassed so I didn't mind all that much.

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