Friday, August 7, 2015

Let's Do It

Thursday afternoon...

I got a call from Brian (our tile guy) on Saturday wondering if he could begin the demolition of our tile floor on Monday, one week early. After checking with Tammy I called him right back and said: "let's do it." It's been stressful not knowing what he'd find underneath the tile. Would he be able to salvage the self-leveling compound with embedded heat cables beneath it or would it all have to be ripped out at considerable expense? Brian was also stressing about it and he wanted the answer as well.

I'm happy to say that the demo went as well as we could've hoped for. There are several cracks in the subfloor but nothing that concerns Brian. We tested the floor heat and it's fine as well. It's worth having the inside of our home uprooted for an extra week just to know this. Above All Hardwood Floors will be installing our new flooring on Monday. It'll be nice to get our home put back together.

And we reached a settlement that I think we're all happy with—put another way: I'd hire either Joe or Brian in a heartbeat for any future projects. They're good people!

I was out watering our hanging baskets this morning when a hummingbird flew up next to me while feeding on the flowers. It didn't at all seem skittish of my presence. Its mate was feeding on one of the other baskets. So cool! I got to wondering if they'd have little ones in tow soon. That will be quite a sight to see. I'm hoping!

I set up a bird feeder next to the window where Elaine spends her afternoons. Every day it seems to attract more and more birds. These simple pleasures appeal to me but then I'm a pretty simple guy.

Rachel is looking for housing in Rochester, intending to move back at the end of the month. She had secured a townhome with a friend from high school but they decided to keep looking, hoping for something better.

We're having our garage doors replaced with something much more insulated than the builder-grade doors we have. I like to keep the temp in our garage at around 40ºf (5ºc) in the winter but when it gets excessively cold our garage doors aren't so good at retaining the heat.

In the more than 23 years I've lived in our home I've never really payed attention to how our garage doors compare with the doors of others. I had no idea that we all have doors that are nearly identical in style. I was out walking this morning and I took photos of 9 doors to make a collage to show here. I would guess that 95% or more of the doors I passed today in my nearly 10-mile walk were just like those in the photo to the left. I toyed with the idea of calling the garage door company and ordering something different but the other choices don't do much for me. I'll have to be content with an ordinary look, but an insulated ordinary look.

Friday afternoon...

I got up this morning and walked the pups. It was humid and they all seemed to be lagging behind a little more than usual so we cut the walk short.

I suited up for my Jordan loop expecting to soft-pedal it in the humidity as it almost always has me lagging as well. In spite of the moist and thinner air, I rode well, churning out 43.2 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes. I worked it hard the last 25 miles to try and keep my watts around 225. Last year this would've been an average ride for me but this year it's not been so easy with my knee problems.

I felt good when I got home. I soaked in the sun while sitting on some garden pavers and let my heart rate return to normal. Thoughts of having to get showered for work stealing the moment, but not for much longer.

Let's do it!

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