Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, 2016

My mom's townhome in Lakeville went on the market a few days ago. It's had a few showings already this Easter weekend and I think it's priced right for a reasonably quick sale. The feedback has been so-so but the home is a little dated so that's to be expected. Otherwise I think it shows real well. Here's a link to the listing.

Winter made a strong comeback and dumped 9" (23 cm) of heavy, wet snow on us in Lakeville. Some parts of the metro were spared entirely from the storm as its path was well defined between the haves and the have-nots. We followed up the snow with temps well above freezing and we're mostly back to our brown, drab look again. Hopefully I'll be back out at Crystal Lake Golf Course tomorrow to continue working on my short game.

I'm still seeing my chiropractor/acupuncturist a few times a week to address my strained intercostal muscles and dislocated rib. I'm making progress but I'm not yet ready to swing the club fully. I was at Golfsmith a few nights ago talking with the guy who fitted me for my clubs. Bob spent some time in his youth as a chiropractic student but never completed his studies. He was very familiar with the injury I'm struggling with and gave me a stretch to do before swinging the club. It's a stretch I can't quite do yet because of tightness but that just goes to show me that I'm not ready.

I woke up yesterday morning with plans to ride my CompuTrainer and the 27 mile Diamond in the Rough course that I like to program into it but I decided instead to pump up the tires of my blue Serotta and take it to the streets. I was so glad I did. I found an early season form that caught me off guard as I worked my way through my Hampton loop of 41 miles (66 km) in 2 hours and 8 minutes, averaging 227 watts and 19.2 mph. I felt so good out there as did my knees. I got off my bike and walked down to check the mail where I chatted with Alex, my brain drenched in endorphins while thinking this is why I ride.

We just had an offer come in on Mom's townhome as I write this.

Rachel came into town yesterday to meet with some friends in preparation for a wedding in August that she's a part of. She spent the night with us and we chatted while half paying attention to episode 9 of the 4th season of House of Cards. I woke up this morning and used my usual low morning voice to imitate Frank Underwood (from House of Cards) while attempting to get a laugh from Tammy. I only elicited a sideways look from her but I think I got Rachel's approval.

We went to Easter services together at Hosanna. It was a nice service but I was preoccupied with thoughts of how the church environment just isn't the same for me anymore and I can't pretend it is. I know we're all just lost sheep bumping into one another (as Tammy likes to say) but the hypocrisy of so much of what my thoughts keep coming back to keeps me from being all-in for organized religion ever again.

Perhaps if those in the church would say, 'you know, as a group of people we've really been dickish toward the president and others who don't subscribe to our conservative beliefs -- we haven't at all embraced the teachings of Jesus when we agreed to shut the door in the faces of desperate refugees out of fear that maybe, just maybe one of them would commit a terrorist act on our soil while not seeming at all concerned about the 32,000 yearly deaths that result from gun violence and our 2nd amendment rights that those of us in the church are in lockstep support of (I could go on and on here but you get the idea) and we apologize, but not only that, we're going to change'. Yeah, right.

By attempting to fit in there I'd be trying to put a square peg into a round hole and I don't see the good in that. I'm too liberal, too accepting of those the church would rather marginalize. Although I have had thoughts of how Tammy and I could be part of the few who bring another perspective to an otherwise like-minded group of people. I'm open to however God chooses to use me.

Tammy went to pick up her mother after church while Rachel and I went to Perkins to get a seat, expecting to find at least an hour's wait. There was no wait whatsoever. It gave us a nice opportunity to chat while we waited for Tammy and mom/grandma. Elaine enjoyed her time away from her new home and I'm pleased to say that she's fitting in so well there. We're not aware of any pushback at all by her toward her new surroundings.

Rachel posted the photo to the right of Grandma and herself today and said, "Though she now misplaces the pieces that connect her words to thoughts, her capacity to love is ever abundant".

That's well said.

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