Friday, March 4, 2016


I've been down in our glass shop more than usual this past week and it's nice. I continue to work on small sun-catcher panels that measure about 10" x 4" (25 x 10 cm). They'd be much easier to make if they were a little larger but I enjoy the challenge of working with smaller pieces. I probably have about 10-12 hours of work into each one.

Part of the fun is found in designing them. I'm using a program called DeltaCad that a friend told me about years ago. It's so much easier than using a pencil and paper.

What can't be seen so well in the photo to the left is the German antique glass I used through the center of the panel. You can see it in the upper section but it runs the length of the panel and adds a nice touch.

I hope to knock out at least a few more before the weather turns warmer and I close up shop until next winter. I'd love to think that with my extra free time I'll be able to dabble with this hobby throughout the year but I just don't see that happening.

One of my other hobbies used to be golf. I was an avid golfer 20 years ago and could be found at the practice range at Crystal Lake Golf Course 2-3 nights each week and on one of several courses around the metro area once each week, usually Friday mornings. I'd typically meet up with Mike Koch, Joe Schrodt and maybe Bob Nichol or Lee Larson but my favorite rounds were when I got together with Scott Brandes. We were so competitive with one another. "Oh, that's unfortunate." We would often use that line on each other as we tried our hardest to suppress a smile. Those were some fun times.

I lost all interest in the game when I went through my divorce from Noy in '97. I was no longer enjoying myself out there so I took to the solitude of my bike to work through my worries. Plus, it was an expense I really could no longer afford at the time.

I've played only a handful of rounds in the years since with my clubs having been relegated to a corner in the loft of our garage. I haven't missed the game but I think that's my mind playing with me more than anything; a kind of denial.

I was on the phone with Scott last week and we got to talking about golf. I mentioned that I was considering getting a new set of clubs although I hadn't been pursuing it all that much. But the more we talked the more I started warming up to the idea of actually getting some clubs and by the time we hung up my mind was made up.

Scott will be in town in May and we have plans!

I can be like a dog with a bone when it comes to these things. Once I set out to do something there's usually no stopping me. Golf club technology has come a long way in the last 20 years and my old set was very much in need of replacing. I went to Golfsmith Sunday afternoon to see what the lay of the land was and came away more confused than ever.

So much has changed. The driver heads are comically huge but wow are they light!

I got online and made an appointment with Bob for a fitting the next afternoon. He came highly recommended by one of the guys at the shop. It was definitely time well spent. After an hour on their golf simulator Bob had my needs in clubs dialed in and I was so impressed. Amazing technology!

I picked up my clubs yesterday afternoon and sat in the sun-porch organizing them in my golf bag, just like a kid with a new toy. And now I'm really excited to get back out on the practice range and course again. I remember this feeling well.

I can't wait!

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