Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall has Arrived as has Dublin

I'm listening to Kings of Leon's new release, Walls, as I write this. I have no doubt that Tim would've been all over this if he was still with us. Perhaps he had his own pre-screen listening from wherever he's at.

I have a love-hate relationship with autumn. I love the cooler weather, fewer mosquitos and the changing colors but I hate to see the sun going down so soon when there's still so much I'd like to be doing outdoors. I cut back all of our hostas and some other perennials over the past few days and I pulled the flowers from the backyard garden today. I'll be out in the yard for much of tomorrow as I do battle with fallen leaves. I'm up to 20 bags of compost so far on my way to between 55 to 60 bags before I'm done for the season. Yes, I actually keep track.

The pups also love the cooler weather. We were out a few nights ago and Toby kept wanting to run nearly the entire 2.25 mile walk. He was so happy, passing up many of his usual pee-mail spots to keep running instead. Poor Allie, she had no choice but to run along with him as they share the same leash.

Speaking of pups -- we've been caring for my sister's little yorkie named Dublin while she's been away on vacation to (of all places) Dublin, Ireland. He's the most adorable and shy little guy with his cute little head tilt and ears that seem to sit on his head in a cockedyed way. About twice each day he'll get wound up playing with one of his toys otherwise he's content to follow Tammy wherever she goes. He's sort of imprinted on her. We're definitely going to miss him and his antics (see the video below) when she returns to take him home in a few days.

Yes! We finally made it back to Foci. It had been 18 months since we were last there. We had hoped to be back sooner after we found a new home for Tammy's mother but then summer came along and too many other interests got in the way.

But we're back!

It's going to take a few sessions for us to get up to speed but we're really glad to be in the studio and doing it once again -- and nothing crashed on the floor! Which probably means we weren't trying hard enough. I was content to just do a few tumblers as was Tammy. I've got us on the schedule again for next week.

I woke up this morning to a rafter of Turkeys (did you too just learn something new?) making their way through our backyard -- ten of them in all. I got a closer look a few minutes later when I had to leave for an oil change appointment. They've been hanging out in the neighborhood for at least a month. Pretty gutsy on their part with Thanksgiving just around the corner!

I'm on my 2nd time through Walls as I finish this. Tim would've approved. He's the one who first turned me on to their music although I confess it took me awhile to realize the beauty of their sound. It usually takes me a few listenings of a song or an album before I warm up to it but this one is working for me right out of the gate. Thanks, Tim!

Say hello to Dublin -- he wants to play!

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