Monday, October 31, 2016

Lotsa Leaves and Lotsa Golf!

I still have a vivid memory from my late morning run on October 31st, 1991—25 years ago today. I was on Nicols Rd in Eagan when the snow began to fall and in very little time, it was snowing heavily. My running journal states that we received nearly 30" (76cm) of snow before the storm ended. It's now referred to as the Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991 or some such name. The roads would remain a rutted, icy mess for what seemed like weeks afterward and it would make outdoor running extremely hazardous. Thankfully, we have no hint of that sort of weather in the offing for the foreseeable future here in the Twin Cities.

I'm happy to say that my battle with fallen leaves is mostly over for the season. Here's a before and after snapshot of what that looks like. It only lasts a day or two before more leaves find their way into our yard but they'll be easily vacuumed up by my John Deere rider and won't overflow my blue Dick's Sanitation compost bins. I put out 29 compost bags last Tuesday morning with our trash and that's a record for me.

I spent most of yesterday getting the rest of my outdoor projects taken care of: blowing out the underground sprinklers; cutting back some of our shrubbery; clearing out our front garden and setting out our Dracula in preparation for tonight's trick-or-treaters! It's nice to have it all done so I'm not stuck doing it either in colder weather than I'd like or on a day where I'd rather be riding or golfing.

And speaking of golfing—I played more golf during the month of October than in any month ever in my life. It was nice to be able to play without injuries holding me back. I'm still not scoring the way I know I can—I'm middle to upper 80s mostly. I hope to routinely be in the 70s and lower 80s by this time next year. I think that's a realistic goal for me. More than once in the past couple of weeks I've been the only player on the course in the late afternoon when the weather was cool and drizzly. As long as I can keep my grips dry and my hands warm I really enjoy my time out there.

Tammy has taken nicely to retirement and this time I'm pretty sure she's going to remain retired. She had a job offer for a healthcare company but decided not to pursue it. I can sense a more carefreeness about her now that she has her mother situated in a good nursing home and she no longer has any work stressors. I'm happy for her.

It's just past 8:00 and it looks like that's a wrap for Halloween, 2016. In years past, we've had upwards of 120 little tricksters ringing our doorbell but that number gets a little less each year. We've only had 45 so far tonight and I think the next little Builder Bob or Incredible Hulk may get what's left in our candy bowl.

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