Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I'm Going to Finally Learn How to Cook!

We're once again able to park both of our cars together in our garage for the first time in nearly 2 months. Our main-floor remodel is wrapping up and we're pleased with how it's turned out. There's still more to be done but our home is livable once again and for that we're grateful. A guy can only hang out in his garage for so long.

And I'm going to finally learn how to cook!

I promised Tammy that when we got our kitchen put back together I'd make an effort to learn something more about preparing a meal than how to make a sandwich or using a microwave as my main source of heat. She wants us both to take a cooking class. I think that's a great idea.

Keith and Jason came by yesterday morning to install a final section of cabinets in what used to be our front room. Maybe it's still our front room; I'm just not sure anymore. It's such a different look than what we're used to and we're both liking the change -- a lot. It was the open floor-plan concept that first attracted me to our home's design when I had it built in 1992. Our new layout opens it up even more.

We couldn't be happier with the cabinets Keith and his crew have assembled for us. There's so much thought that goes into something such as this and I can't begin to pretend that I can appreciate it all, from the design to the construction and all of the unforeseen things that pop up along the way. We're so impressed!

Steve was here most of the morning and afternoon yesterday installing our pendant lamps over the island in the kitchen and over our dining table. He's been such a godsend to us. Karen was here to lend her eyes and expertise in getting the pendants hung correctly. They're quite cool!

Road construction in the neighborhood continues to move along at a steady pace. They had a huge milling machine on wheels chewing up the old asphalt while both grinding and recycling it into a soft loam that they spent the better part of two days grooming for the first layer of asphalt, which I think they may be doing tomorrow. The cost of $3000 per homeowner seems like a very fair deal to me considering how large of a project this is.

I'll be back in the glassblowing studio at Foci tomorrow for the first time in way too many months. I'll be working with Steve. He's such a talented glassblower and I feel blessed to be able to share some bench time with him. Hopefully, I'll not disappoint him with my limited abilities and we can team up regularly in the weeks and months ahead. I'd like that.

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John Hill said...

I hope you enjoy cooking!
There is a certain satisfaction to eating what you've prepared.